Sunday, November 06, 2005

Yahoo Getting Some Action

First of all, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to Miami for handing Virginia Tech's ass to them and, thus, giving us an almost sure spot for the Rose Bowl. Unless pigs fly and Alabama dominates Auburn and LSU, of course. My title here is probably a little more exciting than it should be, but I like to see that Yahoo hasn't let itself become thrown to the backburner. The New York Times put up an article exploring the company's philosophy. They're pretty focused on the social searching aspect of being a web portal, meaning how smart their web applications get with each search you make to get you to where you need to be. Their strength is their enormous base, and that's how they can 1up Google. I feel that they're Yahoo! Maps beta, which I have just discovered, has already trumped Google Maps. If you haven't looked at it before then I highly recommend it because its features include: easy location of ATMs and restaurants and such (much like standalone application Google Earth), more accurate road names (I-35 shows up as I-35, not 81), traffic updates (I don't know if this works in Austin yet), multi-point directions (get directions from A to B to C), reverse directions or round trip directions with one click, and everything seems to go faster. The only drawback is no satellite imagery as of yet, but it's still pretty cool.

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Does that logo look familiar to you? Actually, it didn't to me either, but it's actual the logo for the Xbox 360 and it's strikingly similar to the old Dreamcast logo. And that's only #9 on's list of uncanny similarities between the two consoles, but it also provides reasons why it has better chances than Sega's sad story. The only thing that impresses me more than the PS3 so far is the controller, but anyway, that article is a must-read if you're a gamer. Rumors have it that Apple may release a 13-inch iBook and a new line of widescreen, Intel-based PowerBooks early next year. Everything is always top secret at Apple, of course, but it would be a nice surprise. has plans to unveil a service that would allow you to buy pages of a book separately for digital use rather than whole book in case you want just a recipe or something. It sounds interesting, but will people really go for it? I don't think I would; I like a hard, bound copy. Lastly, Microsoft's Live service will have some competition real soon with small firm Transmedia set to release their Glide suite later this month that does all that Live does and more, but more seamlessly integrated together into a browser. If that takes off just remember that you read it here first.

I can't believed that Chicken Little managed to get top billing this weekend in the box office. Did anyone see that coming? It made an astounding $40.1 million to beat out Jarhead, which still made a healthy $28.8 million. This is Disney's first animated feature since the divorce with Pixar if I'm not mistaken so I'm sure that they're getting pretty cocky now despite the movie's pitiful reviews. Sony has finally confirmed that Thomas Hayden Church will, indeed, play the Sandman in Spider-man 3. There, now was that so hard to do, Sony? Isn't that easier than trying to keep it a secret for no good reason? I don't know how Latino Review keeps getting these scripts, but they now have a review for Halo and it sounds better than we could've ever imagined. So now we know that if it sucks, it isn't the writer's fault. The new Harry Potter movie is just around the corner and Groover at AICN gave it a favorable review despite some supposedly lame humor. I'm sure that you fans will be more interested in this video that Warner Brothers put up from the premiere this past weekend, but beware that your volume isn't too loud for Mr. Weasley's or Mr. Potter's entrance because the screams may break any glass around you.

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings, per tradition:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Deeper and deeper::Office Space
  2. CanĂ‚’t help .... ::falling in love with you
  3. DevilĂ‚’s advocate::Satan
  4. Superpower::Superman
  5. Threatening::Scary
  6. Played::Worn-out
  7. War::Card game
  8. Violate::Own
  9. Invest::Divest
  10. Choke::Heimlech (sp?)


[Mat] said...

Hey there.

Man, I like your blog. It's a condensed of all the news I want.

first up. that xbox360 thing. Weird. Really weird. I own a Xbox right now, But I chose that system mainly because the games where faster to load and there were better games. Namely, Halo. More FPS too and I was looking for that. Plus, with a little hacking, booting games from the HD makes them so much faster...

I see things shaping up and this time, Sony seem to have the upper hand. Waiting a bit more to launch a better system. Nintendo (almost forgotten now) has this new controller thing going on and it seems to be working. It's supposed to be a revolution in gaming (as the name implies) and developpers and raving about that controller and the seemingly boundless possibilities it brings... Right. It sounds like another Beta/vhs to me. Time will tell.

Chicken little.. ugh. Enough said. Is it just me or are we lacking good can't-wait-to-see-them movies? Only Potter keeps me waiting.

Halo movie.... I hope it turns out good. Seems all the ingredients are there. We'll see how it ends up.

Spiderman3 should be good, even if it's only an old formulae warmed-up. Just like X-Men, I can't get enough of spidey.

for the mutterings :

1. Deeper and deeper :: Digging
2. Can't help :: Everyone
3. Devil's advocate :: A bit of reality
4. Superpower :: Powerful
5. Threatening :: Cruel
6. Played :: the guitar
7. War :: bombs
8. Violate:: No, thanks.
9. Invest:: for the future
10 Choke :: on food

Good day

[Mat] said...

Ho, also, did you happen to see the trailer for Armored Core 4 for ps3 and xbox360?

They look pretty much the same if you ask me.

Check it out.