Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sony in the Hot Seat

Once again, I have something really funny to share with you thanks to my brother's girlfriend. She found this hilarious clip from the Conan O Brien Show about a tech support call outsourced to India. I'll leave it at that for the comedic value of the clip. The company you don't want to be today would be Sony. They've been forced to initiate a recall of millions of discs because of their own idiocy. The rootkits that come with the disc, which have spread like wildfire to at least half a million networks, and while meaning to prevent too many copies of the CD also open up the computer to attacks from hackers. You can even see the damage and I find it ironic in that in a move to forcibly prevent copying in order to get them more money they've cost themselves a lot with this recall. Do you think they'll try it again? They may be crazy enough to, actually, but I think we all hope that they'll learn their lesson.

I'm an avid fan of Popular Science and they've put up a list of what they consider to be the Best of What's New in 2005 in several fields of science from automotives to recreation. I think it's funny that the iPod Nano or new generation iPod didn't make the list, but it's kind of a good thing because it leaves room for other relatively unnoticed devices. I've been posting articles as they pop up on the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD battle and it's hard for even me to keep up, but now there's a handy article from PC World with all the details summarized. Lastly, the United Kingdom is trying out a new system that would process license plates so they can track traffic and spot speeding, but the main goal is to find uninsured or stolen vehicles. I wonder if such a system would even be allowed here because it sounds so intrusive and just too much government control.

Click to enlargeWhy do I keep posting pictures from the next Harry Potter movie? Because it's almost upon and they look so damn cool! Another fantasy movie that some people have a penchant for is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and we now have clips from the soundtrack featuring the legendary Harry Gregson-Williams. It sounds pretty good, but I'd expect nothing less from the guy who scored Metal Gear Solid 2. We know that there will be a teaser trailer for X3 packaged with King Kong, but we now have reason to believe that a full trailer will appear in February. Spider-man 3 has begun shooting second unit photography in Los Angeles, and it's not much but I think we're all excited to see progress in a surprisingly good comic book movie series. Lastly, Scary Movie 4 has been announced and a few actors are now on board including Leslie Nielson and Carmen Electra. Why do they keep making these movies? This one pokes fun at The Village, but I'm sure they'll do a bad job of it.

I'm going to go for the Ten on Tuesday meme this week:

Ten Favorite Movie Characters
10. Wolverine (X-Men)
9. Brick Tamland (Anchorman)
8. James Carter (Rush Hour)
7. Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)
6. Virgil Hu (Better Luck Tomorrow)
5. Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)
4. Peter Parker (Spider-man)
3. Peter Gibbons (Office Space)
2. Tyler Durden (Fight Club)
1. Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko)


[Mat] said...

Damn. another scary movie...
Not another one.

About those potter shots. *drools*
Can't wait, only two days left.

sony, HA.

I've already stated that I like you blog. keep it up.

For the Ten.

Ten favorite movie characters
10.Neo (matrix)
9.The merovingian (matrix)
8.Indianna Jones (all Indianna Jones films)
7.Wolverine (x-men)
6.Gandalf (the lord of the rings)
5.Dr. Jean Gray aka as the Phoenix(X-men)
4.Spider-man (spider-man)
3.Maverick (top gun)
2.Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Scent of a woman)
1. Andy Dufresne (the shawshank redemption)

LizzieDaisy said...

Ooooh Mat, I just put Scent of a Woman up as the movie on my Monday Madness Meme. LOVED the airplane scene. Totally had to hide but it was great. :) Maybe I'll do this one even though it's Wednesday. :)

Um E... don't you have a mac? And if so, how'd you run that clip cause I cannot run a dang wmv clip on mine to save my life. If you are smarter than me (hahaha) and know how to run one on a mac (yes I have players none of which work), let me know cause it irks me that I miss all the good stuff. Almost enough to buy a pc next time. Cough sputter... :)

Connie said...

i love your list of favorite characters, altho u are defntly heavy on the males :P