Thursday, November 03, 2005

Scanning Books and Upgrading Toolbars

I completed registration this morning and for the first time, all the sections of that classes I wanted to take were open. It was pretty awesome, and it was much needed lest I have to take 8:00AM or 4:00PM classes. I'm pretty pleased with my schedule, but I am worried about that Physics lab. The title of my post is referring to Google, but I'm just tired of including them in the title of my posts. The Washington Times published a rather compelling diatribe against Google's quest to scan books for their own profits under the guise of "fair use". It's quite a dilemma for them because to some extent, it's not fair to the writers since it kind of devalues their property to have it online like that, even in snippets. On the other hand, I wonder if it'll help their sales to be so easily searchable through Google. They did do something write today though in finally releasing the Google Toolbar complete with a handy mapping feature and support for 3rd party add-ons. If I didn't already have Konfabulator I'd probably download it myself.

Microsoft is taking a rather interesting tactic with the release of the Xbox 360 in that they're going to keep their shipments at a steady rate rather than putting all they have out there vulnerable to the beginning rush, but the price is that they'll be hard to find for the first few weeks. I'm still not convinced that their launch will be as strong as the PS2. Firefox has surpassed the 10% market share mark by many standards, and I bet that Microsoft is getting real anxious to release IE7. Lastly, if you like coffee then you'll want to snoop around for coffee beer.

Click to enlargeWhat you see before you is one of the first pictures that we have from Young Hannibal, and I love all the Hannibal Lecter movies so I hope that it delivers. The theatrical trailer for King Kong is now online and I'm actually quite impressed by it. It's visually amazing, but it's the writing I'm more worried about. I don't think Peter Jackson is one to disappoint though in big-budget movies. I'm actually also pretty curious about Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash biopic, and Yahoo! Movies has a great scene from it. Oliver Stone has begun production on his 9/11 movie (starring Nicholas Cage), and it has begun in LA so as to not offend New Yorkers. I'm skeptical about how soon this movie is coming relative to the event, but it is Oliver Stone. Another great director, Woody Allen, is getting close to releasing Match Point, and one reviewer seemed to enjoy it. Lastly, Bob Saget is looking to make fun of March of the Penguins and I mention this because I don't think we've seen how funny he can truly be so this may end up being really good.

Before I get to the meme I just want to encourage 24 fans to check out this teaser for season 5.

Now for the 3x Thursday meme:

1. Do you go to the doctor (health doctor) for regular check-ups? Is it important to you? Why/Why not?
I actually don't, but it's just a bad habit passed down to me from my parents. I eat right though and exercise regularly so I doubt that I'm in bad shape. I'm not easily prone to sickness either and I have very few allergies. What can I say, I just lucked out with my immune system (my brother got the short end of that stick though).

2. What about dental check-ups? Do you take care of your teeth? Do you like going to the dentist, or do you go when your teeth are falling out of your head?
I haven't been to the dentist since I got my retainer for after I my braces were removed (though that was an orthodontist), but I do need to go back for a teeth cleaning.

3. Do you get your eyes checked semi-regularly to make sure you aren't going blind?
I'm already pretty blind, but I hope to go back either this winter or next summer to get contacts so that I can hopefully reverse the degeneration of my eye sight.

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