Monday, November 07, 2005

Yahoo Engages TiVo

Do you ever have weekends that go just as planned? I almost never do, but I got everything I needed to get done this past weekend done and even had some fun. I hope you all did just as well with your weekends. Anyway, my topic may be a little misleading, but it's not really a marriage since they don't pull out all the stops and combine their services like they could. So for those of you who are still confused, Yahoo is going to integrate some of its services with TiVo and vice versa in all the ways you'd expect except for that you can't transfer video content to your computer from your set-top box. You can capture images from it, but not actual footage. An example of what you can do now is look at the tv schedule on Yahoo, check the programs you want to watch, and then just send it to your TiVo. If you want weather and news updates on your TiVo then you'll soon be able to do that as well as check out pictures from Yahoo Photos. Why am I mentioning all this? It's showing that Yahoo has been a busy little beaver all this time and is really striking back at Google and MSN. This is a symbolically important move for them as it shows their connection with growing technologies and the connection between television and the Internet. I'm sorry that this is my second day in a row talking about them, but they're really on a roll.

The Guardian doesn't seem to see television mingled with computers as important as a study they've referenced shows that more than half of those surveyed don't care about watching television on the go. They're missing the point of the iPod video, which is showing the progression of Apple to take logical steps with their hardware and make bold strides in areas that have previously been taboo. iTunes is the first service to allow legal tv downloads to your PC. A really bad study though is one that AppleInsider has claiming that over a million Wintel users switched to Mac, which is a gross overstatement, in my opinion. I'm sure that there was surge due to security concerns and the iPod, but not by that much. Grokster is finally shutting down with a $50 million settlement on their shoulders, so they're aiming to make a legal download service to cover it. Lastly, Joel Splosky announced that his company is putting out a documentary on their internship program because he was disgusted with The Apprentice, and it actually looks pretty cool.

We now have word on the release of a couple of trailers. The first teaser for Miami Vice will be packaged with the December release of King Kong. Superman Returns is also preparing to release its first teaser trailer, which will come with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire next weekend. I'm sure that many of you didn't know this, but Spielberg jumped right to Munich as soon as they started wrapping on War of the Worlds, and so now we have a great trailer for it. The movie details a revenge plot following the murder of Israeli hostages during the Olympics in Munich a while ago and it looks quite compelling. The producer of Saw II has confirmed that there will be yet another sequel, but he has no details for us as of yet so I'm sure that you horror geeks are pretty happy about that. IGN has given the script for Rocky Balboa a rather mediocre review, but it may end up being a good boxing movie, nonetheless. There are a few pictures available of Uma Thurman in Super Ex, and I've displayed my favorite below but you can pick your own over here.

Click to enlarge to glorious high-res

I just have to really quickly point out how funny it is that even the Pope rejects intelligent design asserting that evolution doesn't contradict Genesis, which is not meant to be a scientific basis but rather elicit the idea that the universe had a creator. So, ha to you fundamentalists!

Now for more Monday Madness:

1. Sometimes I wish I could just __________.
scream, because it feels like all the pressure is going to crush me.

2. If I could take a long weekend to ___________, I'd be very happy.
really open up socially, because I feel like I'm not getting enough of that aspect into my college experience.

3. The world would be a better place if more people would just ________.
be civil to each other; life's to short to go through it angry.

4. One of my greatest qualities is __________.
dedication; I hate giving up.

5. The one thing about me that I need to work on is __________.
speaking; I need to work on the delivery of my jokes and speaking slower.

6. Happiness is ____________.
fleeting, but totally awesome when you grab a hold of it.


[Mat] said...

woah. Uma is looking good.

True, Xbox didn't get that many good games, but the overall quality of cross platform games was better on it. Say... Splinter cell.
I do miss Gran Turismo. Forza and project gotham are nice, but no matck for GT. And Metal gear solid. I missed the third installment. I miss virtua fighter and tekken too. That's killing me. Dead or alive isn't that good, I tell ya.
Jade empire and the Star wars :knight of the old republic games are worth the system all by themselves. Fable too.
Decisions, decisions....

Those movies, I have to see. That'll be something to wait for. :)

The Pope. ha! After years of denying, they finally embrace it. It only took 90 years. Talk about taking time. That idea was Highly controversial and let us remind ourselves of all those scientist that had to conduct research hidden from the church. To say that they are now..."perfectly compatible" is like laughing at our face. UGH. There were schools closed because they taught the Darwinian theory.


About that monday madness.
1.Sometimes I wish I could just _____

2.If I could take a long weekend to ____, I'd be very happy.
-----Play games and sleep! Renos are takind all my time right now. About that college life. That's what college is all about. In my time there, I found that you only have to know one person to get invited everywhere. Then, all hell breaks loose.

3. The world would be a better place if more people would just ____.
-----Relax. Or play Air guitar (cited from the official air guitar website(

4. One of my greatest qualities is _____.

5. The one thing about me that I need to work on is _____.
-----Patience. I'm very impatient towards other people who don't make efforts.


[Mat] said...

6. Happiness is _____.

----- A decision. If it is not, why are some beggars happy? Why are some wealthy millionnaires unhappy?

Choice. It's a wonderful thing.

LizzieDaisy said...

Yeah. HA. You're so funny E... gotta a problem with fundys down there in the South? You crack me up. :)

Someone once told me that I could either wake up and choose to be happy, or waste my day sulking. I thought he was crazy. Now I know better. It's not your circumstances, it's how you handle them.

Easy E said...

Liz, your comment confuses me, what is it in response to? =P I don't think I made any jokes in this post. What do you mean fundys?

And is the sulking thing in reference to me? I may sound cynical, but I'm really optimistic in everything but women. Nothing is ever logical with chicks!

Connie said...

that's a funky outfit, but i like uma nonetheless. and i'm excited about king kong ! :)

ceo said...

i'm probably the only person that isn't excited about King Kong. I have an eclectic taste in movies. I went to go see Chicken Little over the weekend and meh, it was decent. For some reason I've been getting into foreign and *gasp* indie flicks. Perhaps I've been hanging in Heights and Montrose too much.

HAHAHA, I cant believe that Kansas is now allowing "intelligent design" (aka creationism-light) to be taught in school. They basically redefined Science in Kansas by allowing that. School is a place where students go and learn stuff that is based on solid facts that have been tested repeatedly (exception of liberal art classes (i.e. philosophy, art and intrepertation of literature)). I'm really suprised that I agree with the Pope (guy who looks like Emperor Palpatine and is anti-gay) on this one.