Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Microsoft is Finally Live

I don't think I've ever been as impressed with Microsoft as I am today. Most of my regular readers know that I'm usually pretty harsh on the little software company from Silicon Valley, but today it has shown that it can adapt to the future. It was speculated a while ago that Google may create an operating system that would be entirely run online. Well, it would appear that M$ has beaten them to it. It's not exactly the same thing, but the concept is the same: you're always on the move so why should what you use all the time be tied down to a single computer? They've developed a suite of "Live" services to allow you to check mail, use your favorites, get RSS feeds, IM friends, access Office documents, and more all from a supported web browser. They already have a beta up of Windows Live with all these features except for Office. Actually, there aren't a whole lot of details available on what Office Live will entail exactly, but it seems to target businesses more than average people. In any case, amidst concerns over Vista and the sex appeal of Apple and Google growing, they're making a really smart move by showing people that they're not just about updating their old software every few years. I'm sure we'll get a lot of commentary in days to come, so I'll share that with you if I find any good ones.

Meanwhile, speculation still continues over why Google hired someone to take over a mysterious new product called Google TV. One ZDNet blogger explores the possibility that they're developing an internet-enabled DVR set-top box that would serve up your normal television content in addition to a Google Toolbar-esque interface with Gmail notification, RSS feeds, and personalized ads. It's actually pretty feasible, but I don't know that they're moving in this direction quite so soon. Until we get more details on that we can only await developments on Google Print, which has resumed scanning. MSNBC took a pretty strong step forward today by becoming one of the very first networks to offer a show online after its airing: the NBC Nightly News. I'll probably bring it up again after its maiden webcast on November 7. Lastly, Hollywood doesn't want to quit alienating people so they've decided to introduce legislation to ban any products that digitizes videos unless their output parts are approved by the studios. Not only would this kill TiVo, but if you read that article you find out how far into your life it could actually reach.

Click to enlargeI probably talk more about King Kong than I should, but they keep churning out content for it. Now there's a video of behind-the-scenes footage at Apple Trailers that I think most of you will want to see in amazingly high quality. Peter Jackson also spoke a little bit about the length, but I still don't think it was the right choice to make it 3 hours long. M. Night Shayamalan just keeps making Indians look better as he is now showing that he has balls and is speaking out against the movie industry's pressure to shorten the gap between a movie's theatrical release and its DVD release. The studios think they're losing money because the demand is more in home video, but they don't realize that it's in seeing quality movies. Lastly, I thought I'd give you Star Wars fans something since it has been so long since Episode III: AICN has the details of a visit to Skywalker Ranch with lots of details on the forthcoming DVD. It's extremely long, but I know that at least one of you out there are hardcore enough to read the whole thing.

I have to comment real quick on this NY Times article regarding Ben Bernanke that we spoke about quite a bit when preparing for Fed Challenge last year and it's quite important: we can now expect more transparency in Fed statements once Bernanke takes over as Chairman. Greenspan used Fed-speak to allow them room to jump ship if they had to, but Bernanke believes that more clarity will allow more predictable and sensible market reactions.

I'm going to go with the Tuesday Twosome this week:

1. Have you ever said "I Love you" and not meant it? Has someone told you "I Love you" and not meant it?
I've definitely done that before with relatives who I either don't know very well or who I only say that to because they say it and it would look bad on our family if I didn't. If a relative only talks to you like once a year, how can you really love them? I'm not sure about the latter.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in karma?
I don't believe you can love someone before you know them. Love at first sight is just infatuation, but it can lead to love. I definitely believe in karma though.

3. What person do you trust the most? What person do you trust the least?
I'd have to say my brother. He's never told on me to my parents and I've never done that to him either. I trust people who like to gossip the least, and they'll remain nameless.

4. What type(s) of music do you like? What type(s) of music do you dislike?
I like alternative rock, R&B, some indie stuff, and Hip Hop. I really only hate country music (except Shania Twain and Leann Rimes, I'll concede), but I tire of oldies since it's all my mom listened to when I was growing up.

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Who do you think is your celebrity look-a-like?
Definitely Jessica Alba. I don't think I have a look-a-like though (not enough famous Indians, damnit!).


LizzieDaisy said...

After admitting to the fact you like my song "Kiss me", I'd have to say you must be a little bit of a romantic. You know, I'm sticking with this blog thing until I see you start dating. Don't make me wait too long though k? :)

I'm going to have to play that one... that was good.

And you lost me with what LIVE is. Argh. Can't be beyond me, really. I'll just have to google it and figure out what it means. Sigh.

[Mat] said...

Live. That sounds really nice.

Loved the article.

I respect M night Shyamalan. I loved his movies. They're the best.

Good day!