Monday, November 21, 2005

Wait for the PS3?

I did it. By nothing short of a miracle, I managed to ace my EE 316 final and, hence, the class. I also aced my CS 310 test, but that's not nearly as important. The EE class was one was so important because it was something I set my mind to and it was a long, hard journey but I did it and I now only have 13 hours to worry about. Oh how I've dreamt of this day. Moving on though, with a lot of gaming pundits downplaying the Xbox 360 release, is it worth waiting another year or so for the PlayStation 3? We now know that it'll cost between $300 and $400, which I suppose should've been obvious since it can't cost more than the Xbox 360, and the real kicker is that very valuable Blu-Ray player it comes with built-in. IGN compiled a great list of the top ten reasons to wait, and my favorite is Metal Gear Solid 4, which is something that the Xbox 360 direly needs: a killer app. Some of the biggest Xbox games can't be played on the 360 whereas the PS3 supports both of its previous generation of games. The most interesting reason they cited was the support of Japanese developers, which is something I wonder if Microsoft underestimated because these guys are pumping exclusive stuff out for Sony. I can't think of any cons to waiting right now, so just hold out for another year!

Sony BMG is not sitting as pretty as Sony Computer Entertainment, of course. The president of the RIAA, however, supports their rootkit idea and the way they handled the discovery of the exploit. That's a pretty scary thought because that means he's ok with totally violating your privacy just to ensure your integrity. The Texas Attorney General of all people is actually taking them to court for damage inflicted due to their "spyware" and is demanding quite a lot of money. As much as it'll hurt them financially, it would be an important victory for us if Sony lost. TiVo is planning to expand its TiVoToGo service to allow iPod and PSP users to download shows to their device, but with the appropriate copy protection measures. This really helps out Apple and makes the iPod an even hotter item. Lastly, programmers may find some humor in this article explaining how to write unmaintainable code.

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That's actually the best look we get of the lady of M. Night Shayamlan's upcoming Lady in the Water in the new trailer released this weekend with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and is now online. It's a proper teaser of the movie and should be an interested departure from his normal body of work. The King Kong tv spots are finally online for those of us who don't watch much television and the first halfs of them are pretty unique to one another unlike most movie spots so check them out. I personally think that the Rush Hour movies are hilarious and am glad to see that a third is finally underway, but only after New Line heaped even more money in front of Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker (who, remember, had declined before), and Brett Ratner. I wonder if Tucker will mention his greed on the DVD extras, because it's not like he's done so many better movies to turn out a surefire box office hit. Lastly, Bryan Singer visited Princeton and in addition to showing a few minutes of footage from Superman Returns he fielded some very insightful questions and even revealed that Batman would have a very small cameo in the movie.

Now it's time for some Monday Madness:

1. I have little or no patience when it comes to ________.
people who are condescending for no good reason
2. I wish I could spend more time ________.
reading Stephen Kings and other gripping pieces of literature
3. The most productive thing I accomplished this past weekend was ________.
managing to get all my homework done and journeying to/from Houston and going to that potluck all in one weekend
4. The most enjoyable thing I did this weekend was ________.
dance at my cousin's homecoming party
5. I've always wanted to learn how to ________.
play electric guitar (I can only play classical)
6. If money wasn't an issue, I'd buy ________.
an iPod, a digital camera, and pre-order a PS3
7. I blog because ________.
it fills the void inside my soul! Just kidding, it's really because it feels nice to be in-the-know and blogging forced me to stay up-to-date. Plus, I have all these great blogging buddies now!


[Mat] said...

hey big guy.

xbox 360 launch... what to say. Disappointing. Or right on target with what we tought it would be. I'm gonna have to swith back to sony, I guess. AArgghh.

congrats on those tests. Must be a relief

LizzieDaisy said...

Yeah, congrats on the tests!!

I think you blog to keep me up to date with the only important news. This is the ONLY news I read you know. Feel special. :)