Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Programmer's Appeal Rejected

Today is one of those really slow news days, and so the only thing that's really worth talking about is the failed appeal of a programmer to the Supreme Court. The deal was that he quit working at a company named Titleserv and left some programs that they needed that he wrote with the stipulation that they not modify the code. Well, they unlocked his locks on the code while suing him for access to the files, and the courts ruled in their favor. Was it fair for them to win? I'm pretty sure that many companies stipulate in your contract that anything you create there belongs to them, but without such a clause the company really has no stake to claim in what he created. I think the company really just should've handled the whole situation without litigation and paid him to make the necessary changes or something. It's a hairy situation, but I personally side with the programmer because he has the right to his own work. On the other hand, the company probably paid him to make it. Just something to think about.

CBS and NBC have decided to start selling some of their shows at a buck a pop, but only on DirecTV, only for one week after the episode's airing, and it includes commercials. What a waste. They're aiming at a really small market with a crappy deal; they should've approached Apple. Microsoft has decided to change the name of their antiviral software to Windows Defender, but I'm still not sold on the product. I don't think they have the experience that Norton and McAfee have to do it right. Ironically, they've also announced critical holes today in the WMF and EMF image formats, which I've never used before but you never know where you may run into it online. Lastly, Wired.com has an interesting look at the top 10 computer bugs of all time.

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Since I like John Travolta and Salma Hayek, it's only fitting that I share with you this first poster from Lonely Hearts. I think the movie has promise, but we still need a trailer. We do have a trailer now for Big Momma's House 2 and beware that it's so bad that it's almost painful to watch. IGN has a new trailer for Underworld Evolution that you might like more, and while it's not a particularly intellectual movie I think that it will have a lot of fun, mindless action. Resident Evil 3 has been in the works behind closed doors for a little while now and is now slated to start shooting next March. I didn't see the second movie, but the fourth game is kickass. There are rumors that hottie Billie Piper is in talks with the producers of Casino Royale to be the next Bond girl, and she certainly has the goods physically so it could happen. Lastly, Oliver Stone has said a few words about his 9/11 movie, tentatively named World Trade Center, the most interesting thing being that he wants Nicholas Cage to be a John Wayne-like character. Can he pull it off?

Now for the Tuesdays Twosome meme:

1. Do you love yourself? Do you love your friends?
I guess I can tolerate myself enough to love myself, so I suppose so. I definitely love my friends though, because I couldn't function without them.

2. What can your ideal mate not do? What your ideal mate should act like?
Ideally, she would not play games with me, she wouldn't cheat on me, and she wouldn't be high maintenance. She would be trustworthy, a lot of fun, and a very real kind of person (i.e. not superficial or slutty).

3. Favorite body part on a guy/girl? Least favorite body part on a guy/girl?
I don't really have a favorite part on a guy, but on a girl I'd have to say eyes. I know what you're thinking, I'm lying and I really mean some good T&A. But no, good eyes are part of a good face, and without that who cares how smoking the rest of the body is? I don't know what my least favorite part would be, I guess toes? I don't have any animosity towards a particularly body part.

4. If you could resurrect one band, who would it be? If you could make one band disappear, who would it be?
I'd probably resurrect Nirvana, or even Boyz II Men. I'd love for Nickelback to disappear because I'm tired of hearing their crappy music.

5. Have you ever broken anyone's heart? Has anyone ever broken your heart?
I would hope that I haven't. If I have then please tell me so I can rectify it! =P I don't know whose heart I would break though. Maybe my mom since I decided to go to college in Austin? I've had my heart broken several times by women, hence my overall disdain for asking girls out on dates and such. I promise that I'm pretty optimistic otherwise. How does a girl break your heart without going out with you, you ask? Trust me, it can happen.

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ceo said...

Nickleback -- A reason why I didn't attend BuzzFest. Yes, I am tired of their shitty music, overhype-ness and Chad Kroger (sp?) ugly face. Do you really think Nirvana would do well in this post-grunge, Pop-Alternative/Pop Tart music age that we live in? I like where David Ghrol (sp?) is right now -- frontman of the Foo.