Monday, September 12, 2005

Science Dumbed Down

So that's where they were...
I know it's a totally random picture, but the Daily Texan put it in today's paper and it answered the mystery of why the cops didn't break up the mob of Longhorn enthusiasts! I guess they're fans at heart as well. If you want to see more pictures click here. Anyway, the Guardian has an insightful editorial piece about why science gets a bad rap in the media because all stories are either wacky, scary, or "breakthroughs". It's a long read but if you skim past all the examples you get to the meat of the matter: most science articles don't divulge the actual facts of the matter. These writers assume that everyone is stupid and then churn out these misguided articles, and the few times they're actually headline material they're usually overblown. I just felt it was quite provocative and I wish something would be done about it.

Given that Sun Microsystems is still best-known for Java and has not made much of a dent in recent years in computer manufacturing I felt it was necessary to start out the tech news with news that they're creating a new line called Galaxy. They will run Solaris, Linux, and Windows interchangeable and use AMD chips rather than Sparc, which sounds like a definite step in the right direction. Meanwhile, Yahoo is making some changes of its own and hiring media correspondent Kevin Sites to produce a multimedia website featuring his coverage of wars around the world. Could Yahoo be on the verge of its own online "tv" network? There are already a lot of free shows online actually for geeks like me and though I haven't seen most of them I think I will start watching some of them soon. Lastly, Ars Technica pulled apart the Nano for an in-depth review and autopsy so it's kind of neat to skim over. I warn you though, the stress test may affect the monetarily impaired.

Not a whole lot going on in movies today either, but the best part is this trailer for Jesus Is Magic, a comedy by Sarah Silverman. The trailer is pretty raunchy as I'm sure the movie will be too, but it still looks funny. AICN nabbed a first review of the new Christian Bale movie, Harsh Times, and while it's not another high-profile movie it sounds like it's something pretty awesome. Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist got mixed reviews, but there seems to be a consensus that all the pieces fit together except the script (which is what's debatable). This all comes by way of the Toronto Film Festival of course. I find it strange that Mandy Moore and Justin Timberlake will both be in Richard Kelly's next film, Southland Tales, which is supposed to be pretty great. Maybe they're walk-on roles? Lastly, Leonardo DiCaprio will be FDR in Martin Scorcese's The Rise of Franklin Roosevelt, and I hope he does real well because FDR is my favorite president.

Now for some Monday Madness:

True or False...

1. I'm at my best in the early morning. False. I feel better about my day when I get up earlier, but my mind isn't too sharp.
2. I start each day with a healthy breakfast. True. My breakfasts vary between cereal, oatmeal, and bagels with jam plus some chocolate milk.
3. I'm always sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. True. Except for extenuating circumstances, this is a must-have. I usually aim for 8 hours though.
4. I enjoy my job. N/A, but I enjoy my classes and I like programming.
5. I get along with most everyone. True. I'm not prone to making enemies.
6. I'm looking forward to the new season of tv shows this year. True. Lost and Desperate Housewives will be staples.
7. I make sure I take some time for myself every day. True. Not a whole lot of time, but whatever I can do.

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Connie said...

heyy FDR is my favorite too :D. i sorta hate that you have to word verify now..stupid spammers!!