Sunday, September 25, 2005

ACL Day Two, the Music Strikes Back

I definitely should not be posting right now. However, I'm afraid that today might totally overshadow yesterday, so I'm going to type as fast as I can. Do you think I can do it in five minutes so I can eat lunch and make it to Bethany's on time? Let's find out.

We started out at Built to Spill at 2:30 PM, where we took rest under a tree and I was sweating profusely from the one mile hike from the City Hall parking garage. It was a great band to start out the day because it was easy to just sit back and relax and enjoy it. Click to enlarge The FramesWhen we left the comfort of the tree to check out The Frames though, we really felt the sting of the heat. Not only that, but the wind kept blowing dirt all over us, and this was a theme throughout the day. The fact that we had to put on sun tan didn't help because the dirt just stuck to us better that way. The Frames, however, were really amazing. We only went there rather than waiting around for Death Cab for Cutie because Bethany had heard that they'd be the best show at ACL. I don't know about that, but I was highly impressed considering that I'd never heard any of their stuff before and yet I loved the way they sounded. They came from Ireland and I'd recommend it to you closet indie fans. Death Cab was back at the Built to Spill stage (Cingular), and it was a huge let-down. They're a good band, but I totally wasn't feeling it. Maybe it was partially because we were on the right side so we weren't in front of the speakers or that the people in front of us were talking, but if people are talking that much then they're not getting into it either. I spoke to some people afterwards who confirmed it, and it was rather sad because their music is actually good.

Afterwards I went on a trek for water and rather than buying it for $2 as Bethany's mom recommended I sought out the free fountain where I stayed for like 8 minutes to only move a few feet in the enormous line. Then someone told us there was a booth where we could take a survey and get a free bottle of water, but they were closing down soon after I got there. So I returned after making them wait without any more water, but the one bottle I had left ended up being enough. I'm telling this story to urge you to always bring the largest bottles of water you can to a music festival (I got a 6 pack of sports bottles for $2 today). We went over the The Walkmen and they were alright, but they only played a couple of the songs that I liked.

Click to enlarge the Jet drummerAt 6:30 PM it was Jet, and they blew me away. I was in the back just chiling and I could really feel it. Everyone was really pumped and they just put on a great show. They even played a song I didn't know was actually theirs (I don't know the name of it, but I guess it's their third single). They started out with like a five-minute intro to "Cold Hard Bitch", which was good because the audience went wild when they heard the classic drum intro the song. And of course everyone stood up for "Are You Gonna Be My Girl". Then we decided to camp out for Oasis, which was at 8:15 PM, after a bathroom break (port-a-potties are pretty gross) while viewing Bloc Party from afar. I have to admit that it looked like Bloc Party put on a damned good show. I was almost jealous of the people who were at the AMD stage (next to the Cingular stage) to see them, but we really wanted to see Oasis.

The awesome black dude leading Bloc Party

Oasis was good, but they weren't awesome. I liked the songs they played and they did pretty well with them, but they definitely didn't make it interactive enough considering how many huge fans were in the audience of several thousand. I enjoyed the show, but I almost wonder if I would've had more fun at Bloc Party! At least they played "Champagne Supernova" and "Wonderwall" and "Layla" though. And so our night ended around 9:40 PM. We were full of dirt and washing my face revealed globs of dirt under my eyes. My night ended at 12:30 PM, but I have to go for now. Looks like it took me a little over 10 minutes, not five!

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