Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not So Late Registration

"Why everything that's supposed to bad make me feel so good
Everything they told me not to is exactly what I would
Man I tried to stop man I tried the best I could
But (You make me smile with my heart)" - 'Addiction', Kanye West

This happened several timesI pictured this weekend as partying hardcore, but unfortunately it was exactly the opposite. Saturday night was the game of course, and I attended the Louisiana-Lafayette mowdown where the 60-3 score was almost sad. By the end of the 3rd quarter I was actually hoping they'd make it past midfield. Friday night I decided to check out the Arboretum and it's just a gorgeous area of town. It's a really nice shopping area with lots of younger adults and I bought the new Kanye West album. As you may be able to guess from the topic I totally love it. I liked The College Dropout a lot, but it seemed like a selection of songs held the whole thing up. This time around though it's pretty evenly spread. Even the skits are pretty funny! Critics have been unfairly harsh on it, but you can listen for yourself. It really has something for everyone. Songs like "Roses" and "Hey Mama" are really heartfelt, then there's "Touch The Sky" and "Gold Digger" to dance to, or you can check out "Drive Slow" or "Late" for something a bit slower. His collaboration with Adam Levine, "Heard Em Say", is as awesome as you would expect and one of my favorite tracks is "Addiction" for the same reason as I like many of the other songs: it's the perfect beat for the song and it just melds together so well that you almost forget it's hip hop. This album is a must-own and definitely has broken some barriers.

Hurricane Katrina is still sitting uneasily on the minds of thousands upon thousands of not just Texans but Americans in general, and nerds are no exception. A couple of technology groups banded together to test out a sonic laser that can aim sound precisely for thousands of feet. Given that all the communications in that region is mostly offline it'll definitely help for announcements and stuff. All the remaining tech stuff is actually related to next generation DVD players. Toshiba may have to delay its HD-DVD player release into 2006 in order to get the most demand out of it, which is good news for Sony since it may cost $100 per PS3 to outfit them with Blu-ray players. The players are good because they're backwards compatible with DVDs and CDs, and the longer Sony waits the cheaper they may possible get. Plus, it's attractive to the movie industry because those who tinker with the technology could have their player remotely disabled.

There isn't any real movie news but there were a couple of important regular news developments today. Chief Justice Rehnquist, known for being pretty staunchly conservative, died over the weekend. This was a big surprise considering how recently Justice O'Connor stepped down, but he had been sick for a while and he was 80. Now to see how Bush responds. Job growth figures from August are now in and they look good showing even better figures than the previous summer months and bringing in the lowest unemployment rate in a few years. Let's hope that energy prices don't put too harsh of a dent into those numbers.

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Julie::Hsu
  2. Emotional::Rollercoaster
  3. Head of household::Dad
  4. Diva::Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DiVAS)
  5. Devastation::Katrina
  6. Business or pleasure::Trip
  7. Crown::Royal
  8. Eastern::, Middle
  9. Buzzed::Tipsy
  10. Officer::Law

P.S. I knew I forgot something: TCU BEAT OU!!! This means that next weekend's game may be our hardest and most important of the season against OSU. Hang in there Longhorn fans.

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