Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Belly's Full, But No Post Tonight

I'm too busy tonight to do a full post. We had our 4th NS Week event tonight with a lecture from Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Curl on nanotechnology. I didn't see the lecture though because we had to cut 150 Chipotle sandwiches in half because we didn't have enough for the great turnout. Burritos are a lot heavier than you would think when placed in large crates. Anyway, the officers and Dr. Curl went to this place called Zoot off of Lake Austin for a nice dinner (paid for by the Dean's Office) and it was a pretty pricey meal (let's just say that including tip, it cost over $50 per person). The portions were small, but it was so good. I had a pumpkin soup to start out with, which I had never tried but the waiter recommended it and he was spot-on. My main entree was steak with potatoes and mushrooms, and the steak was actually just a few slices, but it went well with the other parts and ended up being so good. For desert I had some dark chocolate mousse terrini with hazelnut biscotti and it was out of this world. A great place to check out if you ever need a swanky meal. And now I have like an hour and half to finish reading 3 books of The Iliad and do some translation work for Latin. Wish me luck!

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