Thursday, September 22, 2005

Can Microsoft Hurt Google?

I would launch another lamentation about Hurricane Rita, but news that it has degraded into a Category 4 has somewhat assuaged me. I have more hope that it'll weaken before it hits Houston and my family will survive after all, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see. I also hope that it isn't too hard to make it to ACL. Oh, and I think I'm getting sick but I can't figure out whether it's a fever or just exhaustion. So I wanted to briefly cover the topic of Microsoft's bid for AOL, which some analysts believe could really hurt Google should Microsoft outsmart Google in switching AOL's search engine of choice to MSN Search. I don't think this would hurt the search giant much even if it did come to pass, but at least it would give Microsoft some muscle in dealing with them. M$ is actually coming to UT next Monday, but I think I've decided to not apply there this year. Let's see what I can get out there from other companies and see how I like not being part of the largest software company in the world. After all, in a big company it's too easy to get lost in the crowd and overlooked for your accomplishments.

I know you're tired of hearing about Google, but there are two other articles of interest dealing with them. The first is word that they're looking to hire a full-time project manager for GoogleTV, and from the job requirements it almost sounds like they're trying to compete with Tivo. Remember, Tivo is the one that is currently experiencing backlash from customers for selling out. The other thing with Google is trying to put together crowd wisdom to make predictions on things, and it's clearly the work of a group of geeks who get really excited about math and statistics. Meanwhile, Sony is slated to cut 10,000 jobs and write off this year as a loss, which can't be putting confidence in those anticipating the PS3. My excitement is still unfaltering though due to the MGS4 trailer. Lastly, if you've ever heard of Ajax and wanted to learn more about what it's all about, then click here.

Enlarge Devon AokiIt's not that I think that the Dead or Alive film adaptation will be good, but it's just because I like Devon Aoki for some reason that I showcase this picture from the set of the movie. It should come as no surprise that there are already talks regarding a sequel to Wedding Crashers. There's no plot details yet, but everyone sounds fired up to get on board again. The Simpsons movie will have a more refined look for the movie, which could either be very good or very bad depending on what they do with it exactly. Lastly, if you're interested in a Meet the Parents-esque movies, you should check out the trailer for The Family Stone. It has a rather controversial poster to boot.

Now for the Thursday Threesome:

Onesome - Gunning - What is it that you have been gunning for lately?
I've been gunning for my family to stay alive and for my house to remain in one piece! I would like to get through this weekend though, ACL and homework and all as well.

Twosome - Down - What brings you down?
Well the threat of being sick does. Also, getting in fights with close friends or family. And another thing is the lives of my loved ones being threatened.

Threesome - Romance - What's the most romantic movie scene you can recall? Are there any scenes that get your heart-a-fluttering?
I'd be inclined to say True Romance, but I've probably seen something more romantic. I don't see whole lot of romance movies though so I couldn't really give you a good one off the top of my head.

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