Friday, September 09, 2005

Linux's Maturity

If you're also going to Austin City Limits could you let me know? Not only do I want to meet up you with there so I'm not walking around alone like a weirdo but also I'm trying to find out if anyone else is interesting in carpooling since parking costs so much. A lot of people who are really pumped about open source software may have you believe that Linux is getting to enterprise IT structure at an alarming rate, but it may actually be another five years before it hits the mainstream. It's doing pretty well on servers, but on the desktop it's just an issue of the costs of migration to it, and it is a pretty big leap of faith for many businesses. I think Linux is really ideal for a network environment where it's fast and affords much control. One of the most outspoken open source advocates, Eric Raymond, was actually offered a job by Microsoft. He strongly turned it down and actually rebutted that he was their worst nightmare! He was probably a little nicer than that on the phone, but he sent them a pretty harsh but funny e-mail. I just wonder why they wanted to hire him.

Speaking of Microsoft, it turns out that Windows Vista may have some pretty beefy requirements. The problem with that is that when you increase the complexity of a kernel you're inviting more trouble on yourself, but it does have room to do very well I suppose. Hot on the trail of Apple's iPod Nano announcement yesterday, Sony decided to up the ante with their new line of smaller Walkmen. I don't really see anything about them that makes the devices stand out, but rather it shows that Sony has really gone down in quality with the age of digital music. Lastly, in a surprisingly awesome move, Cartoon Network has actually decided to make Adult Swim programming available online on Friday nights when the shows are usually not on. It will be available to stream from 11:00 PM-6:00 AM EST and sounds like it's the step in the right direction for cable companies. Look for it on their site next Friday.

Click to enlarge the Albino monkIt's kind of weird to see Paul Bettany in costume as Silas for Da Vinci Code, but I think he'll do well in the role. That shot is actually from his own site. If you want to see some new, neat posters from A Scanner Darkly then head to If you're more interested in Saw II though then head over to Yahoo! Movies where they have the first teaser trailer for the movie and it looks to be in the same style as the original. It looks like the Silent Hill movie is approaching the end of its shoot and I'm really hoping that Christophe Gans does a lot of good for the movie stylistically. Those of you disappointed with the weak DVD for Sin City can now put the Special Edition on your Christmas list as it also features an extended cut of the movie and a graphic novel from the series. It'll definitely be on my wish list. Lastly, Family Guy fans won't want to miss out on IGN's interview with Alex Borstein in which she talks a lot about the Stewie DVD and you may learn a few things like how long the animation takes to complete (9 months).

And now, you know you want Friday's Feast:

Who is the easiest person for you to talk to?

I'm not actually sure. I guess either my brother or my friend Ketan.

If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose?

I'd probably go for Rome because their practices seem radically different from today's world or even ancient Greece to see a tragedy performed live. You don't see too many of those nowadays.

What is the most exciting event you've ever witnessed?

Have I really witnessed anything that exciting? I guess when we beat Oklahoma State last year after being down by so much by haltime. The whole second half was just energy-packed.

Main Course
If you were a celebrity, what would you do for a publicity stunt?

Challenge another celebrity to a Chubby Bunny contest.

What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child?

Probably 28-30. Assuming I get married I wouldn't force my wife to have a child that early, but it seems like it would be easier to do it sooner than later if you want kids.

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