Sunday, September 18, 2005

e-Paper Needs Steam

Do you ever have weekends where you get a lot done and yet you feel like you really didn't? I got some homework done and partied and went to the game and cooked for the coming week (egg curry, sausage, and mince meat) and went to the ACM potluck and vacuumed in addition to the normal stuff (church and working out), but I still didn't get all the homework done that I wanted. It makes the whole weekend bittersweet unfortunately, but I did have a lot of fun celebrating my friend JFo's birthday at least even though the UT v. Rice game was lackluster (61-10). Time to take a step away from the personal though: e-Paper is already pretty big in Japan but why isn't it popular stateside? I think not enough people really push for it, probably out of ignorance, which is understandable. Still, it seems archaic for us to use a format of publishing that has been used for hundreds of years and clearly can't withstand the test of time. e-Paper makes more sense than e-Books anyhow since it's more readable. Oh well, I guess the future will come someday.

I have too much homework left to dawdle with the tech news so this will be pretty brief. I'm starting to feel sorry for Microsoft at this point because all kinds of columnists are crapping on them for not being as exciting as they once were including the UK Times. The writer criticizes their new products for not being as innovative as what they were in the beginning, but I think given how old they are that they're doing pretty damn well. At least they're going to make the front end for Vista cross-platform. Toshiba has created fuel cell powered mp3 player prototypes, and what's significant about this is the huge gains in battery life given by the fuel cell. It's still a little far away from becoming available in your local Best Buy, but it's gotta start somewhere.

The fact that Just Like Heaven dominated the box office shows how weak the weekend was, but it's even worse when you find out that it brought in a flimsy $16.5 million. I was disappointed that Lord of War raked in less than $10 million because it was the best release of the weekend, but oh well, at least March of the Penguins is hanging on. AICN has two conflicting reviews for Final Fantasy: Advent Children, so I guess it all depends on how much of a fan you are of the series. That's basically it for the movie news though.

Who's up for some Unconscious Mutterings?

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Less filling::The beer commercial where the two girls fight over what's better about it
  2. Glue::Horse
  3. Surprise me::Party
  4. Model::America's Next Top,
  5. Fee::Money
  6. Microphone::Mic
  7. Choices::Decisions
  8. To the bone::Bad
  9. Run!::Forrest
  10. Appeal::Court

I'm going to leave you with this postcard from PostSecret because, shamefully, it's indicative of how I am. Part of me feels sorry for them since I used to be like that and part of my just wonders why they don't go on a diet.

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