Thursday, September 08, 2005

Multiple Unveilings

5 credit cards thin, wowI think one of the things I like best about Apple is their power to make huge waves in technology through big risks. They took a huge step today in moving to the iPod Nano to replace the iPod Mini, which is not only smaller but relies on flash memory rather than a solid state hard drive. It also features a color screen and longer battery life at the same old price ($200 or $249). But wait, that's not all. They finally also announced that the Moto Rockr will be the harbinger of iTunes music on cell phones and is capable of holding up to 100 songs. Hitachi also recently broke a barrier by releasing a 500 GB hard drive. It sounds pretty good, but I doubt it'll get too popular until the price goes down. The last unveiling was Logitech's smart mouse, which is sorta neat but 10 buttons is too many. It can basically communicate with you information from the computer as well as sense various things (like wireless interference and the computer status) hence being smart, but they may need to tone it down before it catches on.

I think a small group of nerds somewhere did the wave when they found out that Google hired Vinton Cerf away from MCI as Chief Internet Evangelist (whatever that means). It's really just cool that the guy who invented TCP/IP is working a true technology firm rather than a telecommunications company, which seems like an odd place for him (though he did also create MCI Mail). Another acquisition today was News Corporation's purchase of IGN. The purchase signifies how much Internet advertising has really grown in importance. Lastly, Take Two will rerelease San Andreas next week with its former Mature rating, but many retailers actually won't carry it because they're sell outs who bow down to the almighty media. The whole controversy was ridiculous in the first place in my opinion.

A lot of what I have today in movies is multimedia. Moviefone put up some random clips from Serenity to remind you that the movie is coming very soon. The clips are mostly just dialogue, so if you're seeking action then that's the wrong place. They also put up an extended clip from Corpse Bride showcasing the awesome animation and I, for one, am still pumped about it. IGN has a video interview with two great actors doing a movie that sounds beneath them (The Man), Eugene Levy and Sam Jackson. I guess we can still hope that it'll turn out well, but I just love hearing them talk in the interviews. MTV Films now has the rights to make a film out of the recent video game The Suffering, and while the game had a cinematic storyline I'm concerned that they'll make it pretty cheesy on the big screen. I guess we'll know more soon enough. Lastly, AICN has a great review of Lord of War so be sure to check it out if your a Nicholas Cage fan like me.

Now for the 3x Thursday meme:

1. Do you think you're a fairly efficient person? What is your definition of 'efficient'?
I'd say that I usually am despite occasional departures due to AIM. I would say efficient is getting as much as you can out of your days.

2. Does it bug you when you feel someone is wasting your time? How do you handle it?
It does a little bit, but when it's a friend of mine I don't care as much. There's no wasted time really among friends, and in any case usually everything happens for a reason. I forgot my workout gloves and lock today at home so I had to go home before going to the gym, which meant I got there around 6:00PM as opposed to like 4:15PM, and I ended up running into an old friend from high school. So I guess you never know.

3. What happens when you have to work on someone else's timetable? Does it drive you crazy when they don't do things the way you would, or are you able to adapt pretty well?
I can usually adapt to it pretty well. I'm not so anal that I have to have things done exactly my way so long as they're done well.

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