Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Microsoft in a Jam

Mmmmm...Jam. Sorry, The Simpsons is on in the background. I think the big news today was that Microsoft has lost its lawsuit against Google over former employee Kai-Fu Lee. The judge will allow him to work at Google as long as he doesn't use information gleaned at Microsoft, and he also noted that he misled his former employer. In any case, I would compare this lawsuit's result to the Longhorn win last Saturday: they were all talk before the trial and now they probably feel a little embarrassed to have lost. They're also getting pummelled among pundits regarding the different versions of Windows Vista, including John Dvorak. Usually I despise his PC Magazine editorials, but this one is actually pretty funny and spot-on. The majority of these extra versions sound highly unnecessary. They might as well just make a version for each specialized use of a computer if they're going to do those 7 like porn watchers and gamers and such. I wonder if they feel that confusing the consumer with all this stuff will really help them out.

I want to start out the nerdy stuff with what I found most shocking: a study that has revealed the ability to trace what a person has typed based on a 15 minute audio recording of the typing. It's a pretty frightening prospect, but I think at this stage it's too much trouble for most identity thiefs. If you have a strong interest in security there's a pretty terse interview here with Alan Cox about the future of computer security. I think the most important development will be languages like Java that have made it harder to create holes, the hardest thing to fix though is the user's common sense. If you're really interested in Apple there's a spectacular roundtable discussion at SiliconValley.com about the direction they've been moving in. Lastly, if you were a fan of the now deceased TV Tome site, you may want to turn to the TV Wiki, which looks pretty promising.

Click to enlarge WolvieIt's not much, but we have a few more rough shots from the set of X3, and who doesn't love to see Hugh Jackman doing his thing? The theatrical trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will start showing in theaters in Friday, but I'm sure that many of you can't wait so here's a description from the few who have been able to see it so far. It sounds pretty cool and I'm really siked for the movie. Latino Review has reviewed the script for Beowolf and it looks like it will be a juicy R-rated flick, so keep your eyes peeled for more on this adaptation of a classic story. Lastly, there are so many rumors going on about James Bond that I've been skipping them, but MI6 is just so deadset on the producers of Casino Royale going back to Pierce Brosnan out of desperation that I felt that I should at least mention it.

Now for a rather difficult Ten on Tuesday meme:

10 Weird Facts About You
10. I can't fathom how people can eat mayonnaise. It's just oil and egg whites!
9. I don't think it's clever when people compare my name to Elton John.
8. It drives me crazy to see dirty dishes in the sink.
7. I actually budget my weekly expenses because I feel like I'll run out of money (since I'm not currently working), but I've yet to get even close to bankrupting myself.
6. Latin actually sounds cooler to me than Hindi.
5. In my late pre-teen years I went through a phase where I liked pop music. Ugh.
4. I pretend to not check out other people in between sets at the gym, but if I didn't then I'd be pretty bored.
3. I'm not trying to lose weight, but because I've kept myself on a strict diet before I still monitor my calorie intake.
2. Every little thing stresses me and if I don't get them over with quickly I feel overwhelmed.
1. Whenever I leave a place I always feel paranoid that I've left something behind.

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