Tuesday, March 08, 2005

TV's Web Potential

As my regular readers know, I am a fan of downloading tv shows I can't watch or forget to record. And today I came across a great article about a site called Common Bits that offers legal torrents. All the content backed by the torrents are either fair use or legal by some sort of permission, and most of it is politically related right now (more geared for liberals like me actually). It doesn't matter that the subject matter is politically based though because this is a huge step forward as far as showing the networks that torrents can work in a legally abiding manner. I'd love to be able to download shows to watch them later if they only cost like a buck or if they have a mechanism to force me to watch ads because it's higher quality and so much easier than trying to schedule my life around a TV. I could record shows, but it's more convenient for me to watch them on my computer than in the living room in actuality. I'll keep you posted as more torrent news comes up.

Not a whole lot of exciting nerd news, but I'll do what I can. Apparantly there's a movement to deface the good qualities of Linux that pro-Linux organizations are upset about. The article clears up some misconceptions for those of you who have those stereotypes already inflicted upon you. Sony is trying to compete with the iPod Shuffle by unleashing their own line of flash-based, small mp3 players that have a longer battery life and feature OLED displays. They will start out costing a bit more, but they're hoping that these features will warrant it though I think the whole appeal of the Shuffle was that it was targetted at the lower middle class. There has recently been a small uproar about Google keyword stuffing its own pages. They have some pretty strong proof and could ethically justify other people doing it, which is bad. Let's not forget all the good that they've done though, and if you're curious as to how their new Maps site works you can try creating your own. And finally, I wanted to plug this article that honors the people who make Wikipedia as great as it is and are just nerds like me themselves.

I also have some worthwhile movie news to discuss. There is a rumor that Jamelia, a pop singer from the UK, will be the next Bond girl (for Casino Royale). The source doesn't seem trustworthy though so I wouldn't be surprised if it was bullshit. Those of you interested in the future of Marvel films should read this summary of their meeting with investors. It's obviously over-optimistic, but at least it reveals who will return for sure for X3 (Wolverine, Magento, Professor X). The career of hottie Asia Argento is really taking off with a part in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, which I mentioned a few days ago also features Molly Shannon. Speaking of hotties, there's now word that Salma Hayek will be a serial killer in Lonely Hearts.

Her hotness is lethal

If you really need more reason to see it other than to behold her presence you can look forward to John Travolta and James Gandolfini. While I'm on the topic of awesome actors I might as well mention that Nicholas Cage may work with Bryan Singer in the near future according to a small hint he dropped in an interview. Last and least, I thought I'd mention that the first picture from the upcoming Doom movie has surfaced and it's unsurprisingly uninteresting. I smell another Wing Commander.

Just a few things left before I conclude. An old friend of mine mentioned a really cool Nike ad in his blog and so I thought I'd plug it myself because it's such a cool idea for an ad. Speaking of ads, do you remember those tv spots about milk causing your bones to get stronger? A recent study challenges the claim and says that milk in fact has no effect on bone health. So if you drink milk for your bones, get the Vitamn D stuff. The creator of the PS2, who is well known among game freaks like myself, has resigned from Sony today in a move that we can only assume was because a promotion he deserved wasn't given to him. Way to screw yourself Sony. Lastly, there is now confirmation of a Sin City game in the works, although no details have been revealed yet. It's too hard to say much about this, but let's hope for the best!

It's now time for the Ten on Tuesday:

Ten things that turn you off about the opposite sex
10. Shedding hair
9. Jealousy
8. Too self conscious
7. Lack of humor
6. Demanding
5. Smoking
4. Playing mind games
3. Passive agressiveness
2. Lying
1. Liking guys who treat them like crap

If you all all play your cards right maybe you'll discover what turns me on about women! ;)

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Scott said...

Awesome Selma pic. And a great #1 response to the ten things I hate.