Saturday, March 26, 2005

Family Business

"I woke up early this mornin' with a new state of mind
A creative way to rhyme without usin' nines and guns
Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to God
And keep your face to the risin' sun
All my niggas from the Chi, that's my family dog
And my niggas ain't my guys, they my family dog
I feel like one day you'll understand me dog" - 'Family Business' by Kanye West

I love Kanye West! I can't wait for his next album. That song though is really appropriate for this weekend since I'm so glad to be back in Houston for Easter. After the Tenebrae I went to my Aunt's place where her children were (in their 30s mostly), three of my cousins from San Antonio, my brother (of course), and another cousin of mine. It was really crazy to have so many of us together in one room at the same time and there will be even more tomorrow (don't expect a post tomorrow)! There's something so surreal about drinking a Dos Equis and leaning on the shoulder of a cousin while watching a strange movie (Napolean Dynamite). I could look people in the face who I haven't seen in several months and though there are all these complications it's all family business and we eventually get through all of it. For the time being though, it was just nice to be together and I hope all of you experience that this weekend or hopefully sometime soon. The movie was funnier than I thought it would be and the best part was the end of the movie since it was midnight and we all broke our fast with ice cream and MEAT (Vindaloo)! Sorry to talk about personal stuff, but I just had to reflect on the night for a moment because who knows when it will happen again.

I was surprised to rustle up some good techie news today. If you loved Pez dispensers as a child then you'll get a hoot out of the new line of mp3 players the same company is rolling out. Their capacity is 512MB and it's targeted at a younger audience with a price a bit above the Shuffle, but I just think it's a neat novelty. Speaking of mp3 players, Microsoft was noble enough to enlighten us on how best to shop for an mp3 player. It should be no surprise that their reccomendations are the complete and utter antithesis of the iPod, and the obvious bias is almost laughable. I can't believe they dissed flash memory; that was a low blow. By the way, speaking of M$, you can see an early shot of Longhorn here. Moving along on this prolonged topic, it appears that more than half of all the mp3 downloading that goes on does not come from P2P! And lastly, badass Robert Rodriguez used a digital format for Sin City that Linux supports! Read more about that here.

There's not much movie news today and I'm not going to cover it because my brother is here and I want to go out and chill. Take care everyone and happy easter! If you really need something to read then just read yesterday's post!

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Personal stuff is what blogs should be about. Do it more often; it works out well.