Saturday, March 05, 2005

Apple Becoming Microsoft

Just a warning to you guys in Austin: ushering at the Frank Erwin Center blows. I feel so tired and I didn't even get paid for it since NSC gets the money for it. To top it off, I had to skip lunch because their prices for food are sickening in itself and the Center only provides free food if you work for 8+ hours (we did 5 and a half). I had check purses at the door, but after that it was a lot of blank staring and counting the time. Anyway, my main article today is more interesting than that: did you ever think about Apple turning more into what Microsoft is today? They've shown their ugly side by demanding sources for unannounced products from fansites, which are run by their best customers. Ouch. So much for the 1st amendment. That's only the tip of the iceberg as they've also been accused of unfair practices with regard to their online music store since the files only work on their own line of mp3 players. Could it be happening? Could they be becoming a selfish technological giant? I would hope not, but all signs seem to be pointing to 'yes'.

I only have a few other techie articles to report on. The spread of phishing has become even more apparant now that eBay has had to fend off such violations on their own site. For those of you who don't know, phishing is where you mask a URL so that when people enter sensitive information it actually goes somewhere else. I'm surprised that it hit eBay since they're pretty trustworthy usually, but I'm glad that they were so prompt in their investigation. If you ever need quick weather before you head out the door you may want to check out Google. Going to can sometimes take more steps than you have time for, and some people find Weatherbug, which I use, annoying so kudos to Google for making this happen. Lastly, a Utah governor is thinking about forcing ISPs to filter content for minors. I think that the enforcement for this would be difficult, not to mention the over-policing feel to it all. Its a parent's responsibility to do that and having the state mandate it crosses a line.

Since it is the weekend, there isn't a whole lot of movie news either. In fact, most of what I have to talk about is multimedia. The trailer has been released for Jet Li's new flick, Unleashed. I think this may be his first American movie that is decent in terms of being a movie and not just an action blowout. It even has Morgan Freeman, who has been in quite a few great movies recently. There are a couple of new interview clips for War of the Worlds up just talking about the setting of the movie and the relationship between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg, who is going to be directing too many movies in the near future.

Let's hope for realism

My hopes for this movie are pretty high so I hope that they deliver. I don't get worked up about foreign films too often, but I really think that Downfall is worth a look. It basically details the final days of the Third Reich and the dramatic downfall of Adolf Hitler, and what's cool is that the whole thing is in German. I think with the proper marketing that it could be big here as a truly realistic historical movie. Lastly, there's a rumor floating about that Jim Carrey will be Silas in the Da Vinci Code movie. The reason they're not looking for an albino is because that community is up in arms about the movie depicting them negatively, but I think that Carrey is a horrible choice. I don't doubt his acting skills, but he really doesn't fit this role of a hulking, sad but stupid follower of the Opus Dei.

Just a few more things to cover. I find it humorous that this article is entitled, "[Martha] Stewart reminisces about time behind bars." I don't think that being in prison is that joyful, and I'm sure she wouldn't say that it was horrible and intolerable irregardless. I think the restrictions that the probation puts on her is a bit harsh just for insider trading since it's not like she's going to lash out and kill someone. Speaking of murder, Resident Evil 5 has been announced and I assume it will be on the PS2. I guess the Gamecube exclusivity license has expired and I'm excited to finally get to play a good Resident Evil game. Job reports from February have been welcome news with 262,000+ new jobs without inflation from price and wage inreases. That really is good news, but we're far from sustained growth though unfortunately.

And now for the Saturday Six:

1. What is your favorite color for an automobile? Is your car this color?
I'm going to have to go with the trite crimson red. I don't know why red is so appealing on a car, but it just is somehow.

2. You decide to start a diet on Monday. What is the "bad food" meal that you must have "one last time" over the weekend?
Probably some sort of pizza buffet (like at Gatti's) followed by a Cold Stone Creation!I extremely rarely eat that much in a meal, but it would make an awesome "bad food" meal.

3. How do you balance your checkbook? In your head, with a calculator, or with software?
Other: my dad! =P The only checks I really use anyway are the pay the rent.

4. How many of the Oscar® winner movies did you see before the awards this year?
Probably four or five. I really wish I had seen more of them.

5. In what room of the house do you find yourself the most comfortable and why?
At my place in Houston: definitely my brother's room because it's spacious and it has the computer and a good TV and my PS2 when I bring it home. It's not really my brother's room since he moved out, but I still call it that. In Austin it's of course my bedroom since it's where I do most things in my apartment.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #49 from Scott: What is the "one thing" that the mere mention of sends shivers down your spine?
Take the Houston Metro bus late at night? There are some creepy people who ride that bus.

Not sure whether or not I'll post tomorrow since weekends are typically slow, but I will on Monday night for sure.

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