Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Plastic Surgery Mystique

Being back in Houston means that I get to watch random stuff on cable tv late at night. How long is it before commercials advertising things as "new" stop saying that? I know that Dannon Frusion has been "new" for at least a year now and the commercials have been coming on all the time for no reason. Another thing I watched was a few episodes in a row of some MTV show about girls getting plastic surgery. What's amazing is that most of them were really pretty (one of them was certifiably hot), and yet they felt inadequate. I never understood how girls become so obsessed with an image of perfection. I guess guys just go to the gym, work out, and feel better should they ever feel chubby or whatever. I don't see how getting bigger boobs makes life any better or would get you a better tier of guys. For a lot of guys, not all guys of course, breasts really aren't as important as other things and beauty is so subjective that I've noticed that everyone is beautiful to someone else. It may sound cliche, but am I the only person to notice this? I don't consider many people to be ugly, but even people who are less attractive seem to hook up just fine. So what's the need to get surgery? It looks so scary and painful. I don't like to get preachy, but I can only pray that God clears their minds and helps them out.

The weekend is pretty slow as usual. There's a new storage system in town and it's aim is to supplement the revolution of mini devices like cell phones an PDAs. It's nanomechanical and can hold about 25 DVDs worth of data in just one square inch! Now that is crazy. Speaking of small devices, some nutjobs in Switzerland made their own imitation of the iPod Shuffle and are passing it off as their own creation! Considering what Apple has done to its own fans, I'd be very afraid to be their enemy. They've defiantly won the first round in the mp3 hardware revolution, and they've actually done better than the Walkman ever did! In the world of less commercial electronics comes software to digitally explore crime scenes by analyzing frames from a special digital camera. It would be my dream to come up with something as innovative and smart as that. I'm just really fascinated with software that's so intelligent that it almost seems alive. Lastly, those of you with T-Mobile who are curious about how Paris Hilton's phone information got leaked should read this explanation.

Movie news today is rather paltry. Fans of Jumanji may want to check out the trailer for a new move by the same book author called Zathura. There are fewer characters, or so it seems, and it's more sci-fi. I'm skeptical, but it could be a good movie for the kids. I was actually more excited by the trailer for Courage and Stupidity, which is an independent film detailing Spielberg's strugle with creating Jaws. You can tell how low budget it is, but it has a little spark to it. I'm also interested by this description of a sequel to Ferris Beuller's Day Off, which is a timeless classic and I'd be curious as to how a sequel would turn out. The South by Southwest Festival is going on now in Austin, which is huge as all of you in Texas know, and AICN has a good review of Unleashed up. I expected a lot out of Jet Li for this movie so I was always rooting for it and I'm glad that early impressions are already good. Lastly, the winner of the weekend battle has been declared as Robots with Hostage lagging a few spots behind and the recut of The Passion getting totally screwed over.

Allow me to reveal just a few more bits of randomness before I end this post. Millions of prayers were answered today when Condi Rice decided to not run for president. Can you imagine how scary that would be?! The only female president I would throw my support behind is Hillary Rodham Clinton. People who are blinder than bats (or blinder than me for that matter) may find this article to be of interest announcing a risk of macular degeneration linked to genes. I wonder if I'm a victim of this? My eyesight keeps getting worse and worse. The new Strongbad e-mail is up about some of his favorite things, so give it a look (it's very weird). And lastly, my Indian readers must check out this music video. It's a parody of a popular Snoop Dogg song, and here's a shot from it:

Drop it like a FOB

And now for some long overdue Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Shape up:: Gregory gym
  2. New Orleans:: Dirty streets (both with smut and with trash)
  3. In the bedroom:: Soft, soft bed
  4. All the time:: The amount my room mate sleeps ;)
  5. Philosophy:: A pain in the ass (the math kind, not Plato and stuff like that)
  6. Tyler:: A store on the drag
  7. Disturbed:: Holden Caulfield
  8. French kiss:: I'm a loser because I haven't done this
  9. Solidify:: Most people's plans
  10. Furtive:: Furtim (it's a Latin adverb that means "stealthily" or "secretly")

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