Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Possibility of Google OS

Today's post is going to be shorter than usual because I'm more pressed on time than usually. Don't let my title mislead you, I'm not saying that they've announced any signs of an OS, but there are many tell tale articles and one bold opinion piece dares to dream about what it could mean. It's quite an extreme argument, but what would be the next level? Google is known for doing things out of the ordianry, so they wouldn't just create some kind of stable Windows. What if they came up with some sort of hybrid combination of web-based hosted environment and operating system? What if you could access your computer from any other web-enabled computer? It sounds pretty far-fetched, but then again so does the idea of a company that started out with a simple search engine becoming an operating system stronghold. I think that as we continue to advance in security that it could become a workable idea ten years from now, and I say that because that's how far away we are from getting to the point where that idea would become practical.

There's some other techie news today as well. Yahoo! is catching on to the blogging trend by developing its own service, Yahoo 360, to allow for a blogger that integrates other Yahoo! services and provides an interface for social networking. I'm presuming that this would be like Blogspot meets Facebook, and it could work well given their track record. Speaking of catching on to trends, Apple has finally caught on to the 2-button mouse trend and is making its own two-button mouse. They have awesome artistic style with their products and I think this would increase its foothold in the video game market so it should be an interesting turnout. Since I've mentioned Yahoo! and Google, it's only fair for me to talk about Microsoft and that they, too, are entering the ad market online. You'd think that they rake in enough money as it is, but I guess the more you have the more you want with competitive edge. Lastly, Hitachi has released its first humanoid robot, and I think it's great because the more entries in the market we have the better the outcome will be for robots that can assist people in need.

I have a handful of good movie news articles today. The geniuses behind the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie have created a cool website for Wonka industries, which you'll find a link to at the lower left corner of the movie website. For those of you who didn't believe me that Disney would have problems without Pixar take a look at their summer lineup. You can easily guess the only movie that I'm excited about, and the others look bad to mediocre in my opinion. Some great news has sprouted up about X-men 3: there are three new X-men according to an inside source. These superheros are Beast, Gambit, and Angel (in a strangely female form). Any of you who don't know who those characters are can shamefully look them up on Google. Horror junkies will be glad to know that some new multimedia has come online today. There's a trailer for the vodoo thriller The Skeleton Key on Yahoo Movies, which features the wonderful Kate Hudson. There's also a new clip from The Ring Two that's actually pretty cool. And finally, there are some new production photos from Superman Returns to feast your eyes on.

That makes you want to adopt an alien

For those of you who are supressing the inner architect inside of you, you may find this article interesting because it talks about a building material that is ready in twelve hours by just adding water to it. It's meant for emergency shelter and it could really do a lot of good. You can indulge the inner child in you with some thoughts on the PS3 from the people who would know best about what to expect. It's long but do you really have something better to do?

Now for some Cheddar X:

1. What's been the most surprising piece of news in the last month?
This is a pretty tough question. For lack of a better memory, I guess I'll say Xbox's announcement, or announcement of an announcement to be politically correct, that their next console will be released by this November.

2. What is the best and most uplifting story you've read recently?
Uplifting? Uhh..I guess Da Vinci Code since it got me excited about religion again. I know it's strange but it just fueled my desire to learn more about Christianity on a more personal basis.

3. Where do you get most of your news from?
Google News and Slashdot are my Meccas.

4. What do you think of this week's resignation of Dan Rather?
He's old enough to retire so why shouldn't he.

5. What standards do you think bloggers need to be held to in terms of reporting honestly and as factually as possible?
It depends. If it's a blog that's specifically for reporting the latest news then I think they should have to adhere to the normal standards of decency and accuracy. However, casual bloggers usually don't mean for their stuff to be taken that seriously and should be granted leniency in that sense (like The Daily Show is).

6. What about blogs being written by media outlets?
I already answered this in #5.

7. What's wrong with the news?
We're being treated as cows. These media organizations tell us what they thing will boost their ratings and don't realize that if they regained credibility by actually doing more investigative reporting that they'd get a bigger audience. For example, how about less bias on reporting on the war? I'm not a fan of wars but if we are doing good to a certain extent then why only show the bad? They let Bush get off way too easy in this past election and that's why he won. It's really ridiculous.

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