Saturday, March 12, 2005

Comedy Breakout Show

The reason I was not able to post yesterday is because I went straight to the comedy show after getting into town, and it ended around 11:15 PM. It was run pretty poorly because there was a huge line of people when I got there around quarter to 7 (my brother had been waiting in line with his girlfriend) and it was humorous that elder Indian people were cutting in front of us by making a big fuss to get in, but regardless we got in by 7:15 PM or so. I don't know that I've ever seen so many Indians in a room at the same time. Anyway, we had a few drinks and some black dude opened (over an hour late), and then this half Indian, half Japanese comedian named Daniel Nainan, and he was pretty decent. Then they finally brought up Dat Phan, and though I had seen him before in Austin I thought he was hilarious. A lot of the same material I had seen, but I guess after a couple of drinks they seemed thigh-slapping hilarious. It was a true stand-up segment though and he did a lot of Vietnamese material. Russell Peters was next (after that first dude bought some time for him for some reason), and I thought it was well worth going to see him. It was almost surreal because he looked the exact same as on that clip everyone has seen, and all the material was new. It was completely different from Dat though in that it was very impromptu and consisted much of exploiting members of the audience. It was just amazing how many jokes he pulled out of that though like that there were three guys taping him and that it'd probably be in stores the next day. I can't go into his jokes because they wouldn't be funny if you're just reading them, but I think he had a ton of great Indian jokes and though my brother may have expected more I thought it was totally awesome. If any of you ever get the chance to see him then please do because I think even if you're not Indian you'd laugh out loud because so much of what he says is true.

The world did not stop for me yesterday and so things magically continued to happen in the tech world. Like the anniversary of the .com crash. It makes me wonder when the next time the Nasdaq will go up that high will be. In the present day, Apple has decided to support Blu-ray as the next digital format to replace DVDs. So what's the difference between Blu-ray and competitor HD-DVD? Blu-ray costs more and holds more space while HD-DVDs are cheaper and hold less but are more compatible. I'm abstaining from this battle, but hopefully the side of higher quality will win. Meanwhile, TiVO may take the advice of some of its supporters and develop for the PC. They haven't confirmed anything yet, but the ability to record shows to your computer may be attractive to college students who use their computer for as much as possible. Users of AOL Instant Messenger may want to be wary of changes to their TOS that allow them to share your conversations! Now that is pretty scary, and I'm glad I know that now. Lastly, I ran into a great article about the exodus of women from IT. It's a sad phenomenon when there are energetic women who can't handle the pressures of life and of the extremely demanding work schedule. If there's a possibility of a woman making the next major breakthrough in computing then we need to solve these problems of predefined domestic roles.

I have some good movie tidbits today. I hope that those of you who didn't see the OC still managed to catch the Revenge of the Sith trailer by any means necessary because it was rather sweet. Fear not though, it'll be officially available to the public next week and to complement the trailer George Lucas has hinted that this iteration may be PG-13. It's a good sign that he's unwilling to hold back, but it's not good that he's so happy with the first two "episodes". Other fantasy nerds may want to take note that a movie for The Hobbit won't be in the works for at least another three years, likely because of company politics and such. The legendary Judi Dench, unlike Mr. Brosnan, will be returning to the next Bond flick as M again who has been in the series since the awesome Goldeneye. Apparently there's another Scary Movie in the works because Anna Faris has been cast in it again and the only reason I would see it is to see her! Since I'm talking about perty ladies I might as well show off this shot of Jessica Alba as part of a few new pics:

Now that's a cowgirl

You can also look for the lovely Ms. Alba in The Fantastic Four.Those of you anxious for The Ring 2 may want to read this blurb about the director. Johnny Depp is taking a walk on the wild side by optioning the rights to a book that details the role of an Iraqi scientist in delivering documents to the United States. This could be either be really cool or really boring. Lastly, those of you who like parodies like Kung Pow may want to check out this clip of a Matrix parody.

Just a couple of other things left to mention. If you're curious about the Nintendo Revolution, the next-generation offering from Nintendo, you may want to delve into this article that explains the system's goals in plain English spliced with some inevitable propaganda. It's interesting how glamorous the video game world seems and yet it has a seedy underbelly. Anyway, I love the Greenspan statements so I wanted to point out this one briefly outlining his reccomendations for new regulations on banks. Remember, the easier it is for banks to do stuff the more available money is.

And now for the Saturday Six:

1. Have you ever called 911 for an emergency?
Thankfully, no. I did dial it once as a kid just as a stupid impulse at my dad's friend's place and they called back and told them about it! I was pretty young so they just told me not to call like that again and I haven't since.

2. Do you spend more or save more?
Definitely save more. I'm being a cheap bastard since I'm on a fixed income as far as personal expenses are concerned until I get an internship. My parents pay rent and groceries though.

3. How many live plants do you have in your home now? Do you give them enough attention?
None at all. I was never a fan of plants indoors unless it's a house.

4. What was the last thing you did to exercise? How often do you exercise?
I did shoulders and trapezius yesterday morning at the gym, and I try to go six days a week. The very last thing I did was actually some chin-ups for cool down.

5. Where do you compare with regard to your parents: do you feel like an adult, or still like the "kid?" If you feel like an adult, when did you first feel that way?
I'm still a kid, but they've been treating me with a little more respect since I'm in college and other people definitely treat me like an adult in general. I first felt like an adult when I went to Canada last summer and people offered me beer when I went to their homes.

6. Who is the last person you received a personal card or letter from that wasn't sent to mark a special occasion?
Probably my brother girlfriend as a Thank You card for her Christmas gift. It wasn't an extravagant gift, but the card was a very nice sentiment.

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