Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Today's post won't be too long either because I have that CS test tonight and I'm really scared about it so I'm nervous just typing up this post in wait of the test. I would post after the test, but I should really go to Church since it's Maundy Thursday. My main topic for today is rather strange in that it's so thin, but I made it my headline because it's so cool. Ever look for a site where you can permanently store legal pictures and videos and such? One site has decided to start a free archive where you can upload your media for storage forever and the only catch is that it has to be made public. The site is called Ourmedia and it's pretty useful if you're an artist and you need a picture dump or a photographer who wants to store family pictures or something of the sort. The only problem is that you have to fill in all this crap for every piece of media and it doesn't instanaeously upload if you use the web client, but it does if you download their software. I may start using it for my blog instead of using my UT webspace to store pictures that I find and such. Maybe then I could share my code online.

Not a terrible amount of headlines for nerds today. A recent study has found that nearly a third of users have clicked on spam links and a tenth of users are buying stuff advertised in spam. So people really need to stop supporting spam if they want it to stop! In other news, it seems that Apple's scare tactics aren't working on enthusiasts of their products. Blogging about their products is still going on, but the difference now is that Apple looks like the giant that's trying to crush the people that love it. These people aren't trying to hurt Apple but rather discuss is openly out of their nerdy joy for it. Of course there's a fine line between that and actually distributing the software illegally. There was an article a a couple of days ago where the president of the Mozilla Foundation posited that Mozilla is and always will be more secure than IE, partially because it's not packaged with an OS. Sadly the comments were rather weak and an IE developer put up his response, which surprisingly makes sense. It's funny how many hardcore fanboys replied taking cheapshots at the blogger. And lastly, I thought this article was funny because it's about a group of experts trying to assure the worried public that "Netspeak" isn't a threat to children abandoning the whole structure of the English language.

Today there's a healthy amount of movie news so I'm going to quickly hit all the bases. Maybe I should start with some multimedia. If you're looking forward to that new comedy Guess Who? then you may want to take a look at a new clip from the movie. A better comedy is probably Bewitched, which now has its own trailer finally and while it will be funny I don't think it'll be all that. There's also a trailer up for Cinderella Man, which has an all-star cast and looks like it's trying to be another Million Dollar Baby. Sometimes I think that Russell Crowe is too good for his own good. I've been bring Sin City stuff every day and today is no excepion: iFilm has some exclusive clips from the film that are sure to get you pumped up about it. And if you need another reason to watch it you can read this review. My last piece of media is this picture from War of the Worlds that shows that Tim Robbins will actually be in the film also:

Of course the fact that this is coming up so late may mean that his role won't be very big or will be short-lived. There's a small tidbit from Nicholas Cage on IGN about how he's excited to do Ghost Rider and a comic fan so I hope he does a good job! My hero, M Night Shyamalan, is planning to make his next movie, Lady in the Water, under Warner Brothers rather than this Disney this time around. No word on the genre, but it's supposedly about a building superintendent who finds a sea nymph in the complex's swimming pool. Where does he come up with this stuff. And lastly, I just had to mock the fact that Disney is making a third Santa Clause movie. They're really running out of ideas now.

And now for a different meme, Thursday Thoughts:

If you could jump into any movie and witness what was happening, which movie would you jump into?
I'd probably jump into Fight Club and watch the fights. It'd be interesting to just watch average people duke it out. Plus there's another reason which I won't spoil for the sad few of you who haven't seen the movie, but the rest of you probably know what I'm talking about.

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