Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The BitTorrent Phenomenon

Anyone else having a really lazy Spring Break? I haven't done a whole lot, but I've been trying to get things done in a much slower pace than usual. Oh well, I suppose that I deserve a break, but I'm damn scared of the CS test I have to face when I get back. Anyway, my regular readers probably already understand that I'm a fan of BitTorrent and now I found an article that discusses all of its legit uses, which is phenomenal because it can't be treated like P2P clients were. Napster and Kazaa and such never had a huge following for sharing legal files, but this new wave of file sharing does. I'm liking the MPAA better than the RIAA already as instead of targetting the creators of the software or individual users it has instead gone after the tracker sites, which is more admirable. I do hope that torrents become more popular for legit uses because it would make downloading stuff off of websites so much easier. And like I keep chiming in about, it'd be nice for tv executives to take a hint also.

I have a decent amount of technology news today. In a stunning conclusion to the AIM TOS mini-saga, AOL has decided to make its terms clearer so that everyone understands that all personal conversations will remain personal. I'm really amazed at how huge the power of the internet and word-of-mouth online can be. Any of you curious about Internet Explorer 7 may like to know that their main focus is security and the word is that it will include a tabbed interface. Maybe this time they won't include lude comments in their code? TiVo, which I've been mentioning has been heading downhill, just signed a deal with Comcast to make a special version of TiVo for Comcast cable subscribers. This is a big step from them in their battle against generic DVRs, but I wonder if it's enough? I'm a huge proponent of Gmail, the e-mail offering from Google, and it looks like they're approaching the time for releasing it to the public. I've used a number of e-mail interfaces, but this is byfar the fastest and easiest to use. It clears up a lot of clutter and those of you who can't wait can e-mail me for an invite.

I have a pretty good selection of news from the film world. The coolest thing is this interview with Quentin Tarantino in which he mentions that he will be releasing the full length, Asian version of Kill Bill through the recently liberated Miramax with an NC-17 rating. He also talks about what's wrong with the James Bond series nowadays. Horror junkies may like these exclusive videos that JoBlo got their hands on for The Ring 2, and I think that they're worth a look if you liked the first. Speaking of videos, there's another Sin City trailer available that I just noticed but may or may not be new. I've seem seen too much stuff from that movie to know, but it can't hurt to watch it again. There's a new poster for Unleashed available, so take a gander:

What a badass

The movie sounds great so keep your eyes peeled for it this May. A couple of items about some fine ladies also today. There's an interview over here with Ms. Penelope Cruz about her upcoming action flick, Sahara. It should be some good popcorn entertainment, and it's based on a bestselling book after all I believe. There's a movie in the works called Partition and it's an interesting love story that takes place in India in the midst of the infamous Partition of the former British territory. What's cool about it is not only does it feature Neve Campbell, but also the gorgeous Kristin Kreuk. She's on my top 5 hotties list (I know you all have one, don't lie), and I'll show you why:

You can stop drooling now

I'll cut straight to the chase today with a change of pace for memes, Tuesday is Choose Day:

Would you rather:
1. be responsible for an oil tanker crash off the coast of alaska OR cause a rebellion in a developing nation?
Cause a rebellion in a developing nation for sure. Maybe they were oppressed or something. If the country is still developing then a little change could be helpful, but an oil tanker has no redeeming quality.

2. get locked out of your house while naked OR throw up all over yourself in the middle of an important meeting?
Get locked out of my place while naked. At least I wouldn't have vomit all over myself, and it's not like I'm in bad shape. I'm by no means hot, but it's more bearable than the vomit.

3. wake up to find your feet have grown two sizes OR hair all over your back that grows back every night?
My feet aren't very big, so I would love to find that they'd grown two sizes! It would make me feel less conscientious about buying new shoes or going bowling for that matter.

4. eat nothing but cheese for a week OR only chinese food for two months?
Chinese food because it's so good. If I can eat Indian food for most dinners I think I can handle Chinese food as long as it's spicy.

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