Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Crazy Pro-Lifers

Today's post is going to be really short because I have way too much to do tonight (two meetings, CS project, Philosophy homework, CS test studying, Latin quiz studying), but I did still want to post since I have a short chance to. I was walking to the gym today to discover huge posterboards showing the ugly side of abortion and a mass of people debating the issue. Apparently there was a pro-choice one up Speedway, but I didn't get a chance to check that one out up close. What's ironic is that both sides went to each other's pseudo-rally to bitch them about and yet their opinions will not falter. I felt tempted to join them in the arguing, but instead I just wrote, "What would you do if you were raped," on one of these big pieces of butcher paper they kept there amidst comments like "this is disgusting" and "it's a woman's right to choose". The reason for the former comment was that they showed the fetuses and the abortion results among other things and it was rather gratuitous with the blood. Though I'm Catholic, I never understood this devotion to a law banning abortions. It doesn't matter how frequent or rare conception from rape is, the fact of the matter is that it happens and a woman should have the right to choose whether she, possibly at a young age, wants to keep that fetus at a very early stage. There's also the case where the woman's life is in danger. I don't support it for people who irresponsibly had sex, but mainly just in those two cases. I know it's unnatural, but it's not like anyone is carrying out the will of God by preventing it because that would imply knowledge of God's plans. I could go on and on but I probably shouldn't.

I'm going to quickly go through some nerd news. Yahoo is still direly trying to compete with Google so they're going to be offering a GB of space on their e-mail and they're also tweaking their desktop search offering. I love Gmail's interface and that's more important to me than having a GB of space, so Yahoo still has a ways to go. Ireland has become the first country to have completely digital cinemas, which is great for them because it will allow for them to get the movies quicker and cheaper. I thought I'd mention this article about flashy web site hampering PDA and cell phone browsers because I've noticed on my friend's PDA that opening many sites is a pain. That's why you get a laptop instead of a PDA though. Speaking of laptops, Mobile PC put up a great feature on the history of the notebook.

I'm going to also go briefly through the movie news. So I was wrong yesterday with regard to Spider-man 3 and apparently the odds of Venom being in it are very slim. The awesome Michael Madsen has hinted that Tarantino's next endeavour, Inglorious Bastards, will be cut into a couple of pieces like Kill Bill was because there's so much in it. There's a new trailer up for Bewitched, so give it a look. And when I reported the update of the Batman Begins site yesterday I neglected to mention that it had new pictures, such as this one:

He always looks cool

I have to mention a couple of economic articles in my futile quest to educate people with elementary knowledge of the economy. The Fed is becoming more worried about inflation, which is part of why it's been raising interest rates since that restricts the money supply. It wasn't very concerned before though so they'll definitely keep raising rates so that inflation doesn't go out of control leading to the infamous downward spiral under former Chairman Paul Volkner. The other one is this explanation of the lack of money from the Middle East in return for high oil prices. Apparently, they're spending their money elsewhere and that is bad for us. I'm hoping for the rise of the hybrid car.

No meme today, just pray that I go to sleep tonight instead!

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