Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where's the Post?

I'm sorry, I really do want to blog today. However, time is against me and I'd like to get to bed within the next 90 minutes since I have a 10:00 AM class and I'm not getting enough sleep anymore. Let me briefly explain how crazy my day has been. I took an EE test, went to CS 336, worked out, and before I could go home I had to do a bunch NSC stuff during which I found out that I will be the sole person running the Apple Company Night tonight for the ACM. Then, I had to head home, bathe, and scarf down lunch so I could make it back to campus by 4:00 PM to get the DVDs of my home movie from my friend. Next, I had to attempt to do some homework (too many distractions) before I had to prepare for the CS 307 review I was running at 6:00 PM, which went really well and made me feel smart (though I'm really not). I then had very little time before I had to get things started for Apple (during which I almost lost the room's console key) and I had to stay until the end (which was about 10:21 PM). And I caught the 11:00 PM bus coming home so I can finally start my homework! Is that crazy or what? I will, however, leave you with a totally awesome Ctrl-Alt-Del comic strip:

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Anonymous said...

Elton, if you ever need help with something like the company night, let me know. I'll do what I can to help.
Us CS majors have to stick together!!

Btw, that comic is hilarious. LOL.