Friday, October 14, 2005

Is Television Saved?

I feel kind of weird to center my main topic around a post on another blog, but Mark Cuban is famous for a reason. He put up a very insightful article about how Bob Iger may very well have saved television with the move that was announced just a couple of days ago. The announcement has no doubt caused much watercooler discussion, and I think dorks everywhere are sort of polarized (more on the iPod than the extension to iTunes). I happen to agree with Mark Cuban though and think that having shows available online will have the same positive effect of television that DVDs did but possibly even more so because it's even more convenient to catch up on a show. I think they should try offering whole seasons for $20 or less and they'll really see great things with shows like 24 that have lost some viewership. I think it could even be a platform to test out new shows kind of like how Apple sometimes offers a free mp3 from a relatively unknown artist. They could see how people would take to Firefly in light of the movie, for example. One of the dominant concerns regards the issue of ad revenue, and I think they should either try offering them online for free with ads (this may be most feasible with a stream) or maybe offering them for a dollar for a couple of short ads. It may be a little too optimistic to think that online sales would make up for the possible drop in ad revenues, but it's still way too early to tell.

In that same vein, BBC is running an article on why the iPod Video has generated so much excitement when the technology has been around for a while and past attempts have failed. In a nutshell, it's really because they're offering content on iTunes, which is already very credible and has huge potential to attract more companies to hop on board. Siemens has developed paper-thin television screens to be used in magazines and newspapers and such to maybe display ads or just more details on something. I like that we're finally getting into the Harry Potter stuff. It was Microsoft's birthday today and in another year it'll be able to drink while I still have to freeload the good stuff at parties. Anyway, the point I wanted to make is that CNet has an interesting look at the company's life from CP/M to XP and Vista. It's rather lengthy, but you can skim through and focus on the good stuff.

Click to enlarge Bond
That's right, we have a Bond, baby! His name is Daniel Craig and he was a front-runner for a quite a while so it comes no surprise to movie geeks like me. Now they can actually get started on the movie. So that's the first picture from that movie, and here's the first picture from Clerks 2 showcasing the only Mooby's in Dogma. Now I'm really intrigued as to what angle he'll decide to take. We have word from across the world that Tom Yum Goong is pretty damn awesome and now my hunger for a good action movie has increased. God only knows how long X3 will take, which has just now continued production in Vancouver. Details are still scarce on the plot, but maybe they're playing the same misdirection card on the Phoenix storyline that Steve Jobs played on the iPod Video. I'd like to direct those who mocked the CG in the King Kong trailer to a new mugshot of the beast that looks a lot more realistic and refined. Lastly, here are some pictures of Jessica Alba just because it's Jessica Alba.

Before I conclude I'd like to try out a poll for the first time. I've received a $30 gift certificate for because I took some surveys at EPoll and now I'm not sure which DVD I should buy that I want. I'm strongly leaning towards Batman Begins Deluxe Edition because the shipping is free and it's only $22 (plus it's the best movie I've seen this year), but shipping is also free on the Spider-man 2-pack (4 discs in all) which is $25. And Memento is a DVD I've had on my list for a long time. Just wanted to get some outside opinions.

Now for the Friday Fiver:

1. What's your favorite animated characters?
I'd probably have to go with Mickey Mouse. My favorite cartoons growing up always were Mickey Mouse-related, but I also loved the Animaniacs and Bugs Bunny.

2. Violence in cartoons - funny or harmful?
I think it's funny. How many 8 year-olds really have thoughts of seriously hurting people?

3. Can you do any impressions?
Not really, sorry.

4. Would you consider yourself artistic?
Yeah, I think I did decent in Art class in high school. Plus, I have this classical guitar thing going on.

5. What's your favorite type of cheese?
I don't know enough cheeses to make the best choice, but I'd have to go with Feta.


LizzieDaisy said...

I liked the two chipmunks in the Donald Duck cartoons. I don't know if they had names, but they are my favorite. Hee. Oh, and Richie Rich from WAY back. And Casper the ghost... but I suppose those are more comic books. Let's see... cartoons on tv... how about Pink Panther. :)

Connie said...

tv may be saved, but it sure is gonna screw over the advertising agency and so the tv industry may still say bye to lots of revenue..unless they're smart and do what you said... :)