Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Unhappy Birthday

This first paragraph is going to get more personal that I have for a while, and for that I apologize and advise strangers to skip this paragraph. I just would feel weird to bottle up what's in my head on my own blog. Do you remember when you were little and your birthday was the best day ever?My 1st Birthday Cake All the kids would fight to sit next to you and your name was on the announcements at school and stuff. Today couldn't have scarcely been less like that. I wasn't even looking forward to it. I woke up to a loud pounding noise because my apartment complex decided to replank the sides of our building without giving us notice, and my room mate clogged our sink with water and rice (don't worry about how). I had an interview with NI that I think went well, but after class and the gym I just did homework for the rest of the day really. This day only serves to remind me of how far I still am from 21 and how little I've actually accomplished in 19 years. Not only have I managed to deter all women from me (in a non-friendship capacity, I mean) in those 19 years but I've isolated myself from my friends to the point that I've had to spend my birthday alone. I try to not be sad, but wouldn't that take the gleam from your eyes? To make matters worse, the calls I got from my family only make me miss them more. Maybe I should overhaul my life? For the first time in a long while, I'm just totally lost. Where did I go wrong? I definitely appreciate all the warm wishes I received through Facebook and AIM though, so don't feel like they fell on dead ears (or eyes rather). At least I'm going to Buzzfest on Saturday, and I just found out that I actually aced my CS 310 test.

I bet you feel pretty safe when you print things out on your printer, but what you don't know is that color printers are usually equipped with technology to encode information about the printer you used for the government to monitor. The EFF cracked the code and I'm glad that they're around to do so. Nintendo has struck a deal with McDonalds for them to offer free WiFi to DS users, which is just quite surprising but also pretty refreshing now that they have someone to compete with. Apple may be getting a little greedy with iPod revenues as they are now charging a tax to accessories that electrically connect to the device, and it's understandable since it is based off their invention but it can't be good for publicity. Lastly, I can't believe it but Jack Thompson has called the cops on Penny Arcade, most likely for donating $10,000 in his name to charity for people making his game idea but more ostensibly for "harassment". They seem to have a good laugh out of it.

There's really only a couple of items I want to mention in movies. The trailer for X3 (and I'm assuming they mean teaser) will be tacked onto King Kong when it's released on December 14 and so we all have that to either look forward to or dread horribly. You'd better not totally screw it up Ratner. The other thing is that Martin Campbell did an interview with Latino Review that, in my opinion, serves as kind of a window as to why fans aren't thrilled that he's directing Casino Royale.

Now for the Ten on Tuesday meme:

10 Favorite People from History
10. Winston Churchill
9. Elvis Presley
8. Abraham Lincoln
7. Buddha
6. MLK, Jr. (you never hear about Sr. though)
5. Donald Knuth (when you make a book called The Art of Computer Programming, you're pretty damn cool)
4. Virgil (I just really like the Aeneid)
3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (maybe I have too much respect for him, but oh well)
2. Gandhi (he put totally brown skins on the map)
1. Jesus (no-brainer)


ceo said...

oh elton, my blogging buddy. don't feel down, as long as you have health and happniess, its all good. i promise, i'll update my blog this week. quite possibly today.

LizzieDaisy said...

Well now I'm bumming. I missed your bday. And it didn't even seem to be a happy one. And give yourself a break already... you're in college and have your whole life ahead of you. The only thing you need to have accomplished by now is getting there. You're too hard on yourself...

Happy Birthday to you (late)!!