Sunday, October 09, 2005

Glad and Guilty

I want to start out with a bit of advice: never ever leave your place without your keys and/or cell phone. I went 50 feet away to do my laundry, and when I loaded the washer and came back my apartment was locked! Thankfully, my next door neighbor was a super nice guy and let me use his phone to call my mom to call my room mate to come home. That time loss will cause me to go as fast as possible through this post. I went out to dinner with my former room mate last night (Macaroni Grill is surprisingly affordable) and his girlfriend and it made my heart glad (as they say in Greek myths) to see him doing better than he was doing before. Click to enlarge the Reality CheckHe actually told me that he likes to spend as little time as possible at home, which is a 360 degree shift from last year. Plus, he's going to all his classes. I'm proud of him and I hope to hang out with him again soon. Aside from that and the game though (hence the sweet shirt to the right here that I wish I had), I felt pretty homesick this weekend since I was at my place alone and I could've conceivably gone back with Avinash. What made me feel guilty was that my parents' house was attacked late Friday night (some dickless freak through a brick at the window and broke through 2 layers of plexiglass) and I wasn't there to help them through it. My mom is shook up since this has happened a few times before already (with rocks though), and I could've been there. I made the choice to stay because of how much work I have this weekend (stupid CS 310 test) and I'm going home in two weeks anyway. Oh well, I have to press on with my week.

As I had predicted the announcement this week from Apple will not be an iPod Video but rather an upgrade of the current iPod to 80 GB among a few other little things. The confusion apparently arose from the fact that an iPod Video is in development, but there are no plans to release it so early. Another rumor squash I have for you today is that Google has no current plans to go up against MS Office and the deal with Sun was just what it sounded like: a plot to distribute more Google Toolbars. It wasn't such a cryptic alliance after all! Click to enlarge the Nokia Aki conceptThis is kind of minor, but I find it exciting that Toshiba is strongly leaning towards not including region codes in the HD-DVD format, which were totally pointless before in my opinion. Lastly, PhoneMag has a number of articles on Nokia concept technology including a wristband phone and a waterproof one as well! If you're as dorky as me then prepare to drool (seriously).

There's very little movie news (as usual for a weekend) so I may be able to finish this up and continue studying in the next 5 minutes! The winner of the box office battle this week was somewhat surprisingly Wallace & Grommit at a little over $16 million. I'm pretty surprised that it actually beat out Two for the Money (which brought in a measly $8.4 million), and I was shocked that Serenity dropped so far down (its total gross is now $17.6 million). This slump is getting pretty crazy, and I wonder how worried studios are right now. If you like musicals and/or you like Uma Thurman then you may be interested in the one-sheet for The Producers. Lastly, if you're into foreign films then you may want to keep your eye on Year One in the North, which also features Ken Watanabe.

Before I go I have to mention how pleased I am that SOCOM 3 looks like it turned out pretty well. IGN, who really didn't care for the first two, actually gave this one a 9.0. It has vehicles and 32-player multiplayer and everything! If only I had the time to play it.

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Quirk::Oddity
  2. Crystal::Clear
  3. Pet Peeve::Nails on a chalkboard
  4. Cuban::Cigar
  5. Breasts::Women
  6. Whispers::Chinese (this is what my cousins from India call that childhood game Telephone)
  7. Complicated::Avril Lavigne
  8. Promise me::Secret
  9. Murder::Homicide
  10. Filament::Mushrooms

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