Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Knowing When to Quit

Today was a pretty crazy day. I went to three classes and three meetings, and now I'm pretty tired though I still have a test to knock out tomorrow (I'm guessing it'll be pretty easy) and I have to plow through as much EE as I can tonight before I fall apart. The club responsibilities are starting to pile up, too, but hopefully I can get through it all. This may sound like it's part of my topic, but I'm not quitting college anytime soon so don't worry about that. What I'm really referring to is this great blog entry about knowing when to quit a dead-end job. Like a bad relationship, it's easy to get so caught up in it that you don't even realize how bad you actually have it. Some of you may be graduating soon but for the rest of you (myself included) this is just really useful advice for the future when you do actually get out there in the industry. My brother had a hard time himself getting out of his bad job at IBM but now he's working at a place that he really loves so he's pretty glad that he got out when he did. A good rule of thumb though is that if you're not enjoying it then you shouldn't be there, but these are just a few more to help explain what that means.

I'd like to apologize for having posted about a bogus article yesterday. Microsoft is not, in fact, developing single-use DVDs and the rumor grew out of DRM protected digital content. It's surprised how far it actually spread. There's some rumblings over at Apple that they may be announcing a video-enabled iPod next week, but I have my doubts given that Steve Jobs previously stated that there's not enough demand for such a device. AppleInsider is usually pretty reliable though so we'll see what happens. The other big company I haven't mentioned yet, Google, is supposedly partnering up with Sun to offer OpenOffice to be used online for free. This is not in any way definite though and appears to merely be speculation so don't start cheering on the MS Office marauders quite yet. If you don't know what music download to turn to then there's a pretty terse summary here to refer to. Lastly, I'm very impressed that the BBC is testing out a service that would allow their content to be legally downloaded for up to a week after its broadcast and be watched for a limited period of time. I hope this spreads stateside.

As if George Clooney isn't doing enough already, it looks like he's going to be in another very interesting movie called Syriana (also featuring Matt Damon and Amanda Peet) and I highly recommend checking out the trailer here. Another movie I didn't hear about until today is an animated Dreamworks flick called Over the Hedge and IGN has the trailer, which makes the movie actually sound cute though the premise originally sounded stupid to me. If you're a horror junkie then you may like these tv spots for Saw II Action junkies are probably more interested in what Martin Campbell had to say about Casino Royale, and all-in-all I'm not impressed yet with how he's handling it. Lastly, feast your eyes on the dark, final one-sheet for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

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Now I'm going to take a crack at the QOTD II:

How much money would someone have to pay to spend one night alone in an old mansion that is supposedly haunted? Or, one of those who would pay to spend the night?
I'm a real scaredy cat so no less a million. It would probably shave some years off my life so I need that money as compensation.

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