Thursday, October 20, 2005

Too Much Attention for Apple

I'm finally going back to Houston tomorrow and while I'm happy to go back I am definitely concerned about how much of my work I can actually finish before then. I'll have to zoom through this post to get back to it, in fact. It'll be my first trip back home this fall and my first time driving to Houston as well. Moving on though, have you noticed that Apple has been in the limelight an awful lot lately? Actually, they've been on the tip of everyone's tongue after everything step they take. John Dvorak thinks it's more than a coincidence and I don't like him but I have to admit that he's right. It turns out that a lot of these reporters use Macs themselves, likely because it's easy to use, particularly for word processing. Have you noticed that whenever Microsoft is mentioned by the mainstream media it's always with a negative connotation or some bad move they've made? Biases suck, but there's not much you and I can do about them other than take everything we read with a grain of salt. I, myself, actually have another Apple article to plug, and this one is the Ars Technica dissection of the new iPod, which is what I've been looking forward to since they always do the absolute best job. If you want to know just how good it really is, then you should definitely take a look at that. Am I biased, too, then? No, I'm still on a Wintel machine.

Speaking of bias, I think that this article about jobs in the gaming industry is a little biased as well. It seems too optimistic, especially in suggesting salaries for programmers starting at $60,000. Maybe it's that much at EA, but most companies have enough people to choose from to start them out at $40k. If you're disappointed with all the browsers currently available then you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for Flock, which is based on Firefox but integrates a lot of next-generation Web technologies. I think my favorite part is the bookmark integration with In another set-back to Toshiba, Warner Brothers has decided to support Blu-Ray in addition to HD-DVD. This is becoming a common trend, who will turn next? Lastly, if you want a more objective view of the new dual-core G5s then head to Macworld.

Click to enlargeThankfully, there's very little movie news today. The image to your left is one of a few images we now have for the very mysterious Southland Tales. When you look at them keep in mind that Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing a porn star. There are a few new Goblet of Fire pictures up and while they're nothing special I'm sure that fans are clawing for whatever they can get. Lastly, if you're looking for a mindless action movie then look no further than the trailer for Underworld: Evolution, which looks to have some good action and horrid dialogue.

Now for the 3x Thursday meme:

Name 3 major things in your life that make you tick, and why.
School, sleep, and family. I couldn't think of an s-word that meant family, sorry. School is a means to an end: a good job. When I'm not working my ass off I typically have fun also. Sleep is important to everyone, and it's very special to me as well. And when it comes right down to it, who cares for you more than family?

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