Thursday, October 12, 2006

Will YouTube Make It?

I'm pretty tired right now from my Automata Theory test (two grueling hours, but I think I did well), and there's honestly not much better to talk about today than YouTube again. Sorry, it's this or nothing! We have another article about whether or not Google can make YouTube fit their business, and I think they definitely can. People are still skeptical about it, but the fact remains that Google is still giving them a lot of control and seems to be doing little more than adding their own brand name to it and getting a cut of any profits they manage to make in the future. I think it's stupid that people despise them for making money off of other people's content because they are the ones who are hosting all of this at great expense and made it as easy as it is to upload videos and share them. So just because you could've thought of such a simple idea and make millions off of it doesn't mean that you deserve what they have now. Brilliant ideas definitely deserve great rewards. It's definitely important for them to keep things simple though and not morph into Google Video, most importantly.

AMD is calling their quad core chip design "Barcelona" and have already started showing it off and all its 128 KB L1 cache glory. Isn't it a hot, sexy microprocessor design? Ok, so maybe that's not possible, but you never know. ComputerWorld has a ridiculously detailed review of Office 2007, and it still sounds pretty cool. They still don't recommend that everyone upgrade, but I'd say that it's more worthwhile to upgrade that than Vista (though I'm not sure if the new Office will run on XP). No new version of Windows Explorer though (except for the slightly upgraded one in Vista), so you may want to look into some alternatives in this roundup. I'm really interested in taking the plunge sometime soon because Explorer is just so clunky. Lastly, Apple filed a patent for a new universal remote for iTV and it's pretty spiffy, though we don't have any pictures of the physical design so I'm just referring to the supposed features. I don't recommend reading that whole document, but the diagram gives you an idea of how well integrated they want the iTV to be, and I like that.

Only one thing in movies I wanted to bring up: the trailer for Freedom Writers. As corny as it sounds, I still think it could be good and at least a decent B teen movie. To make up for the lack of movie news, I present you with this PostSecret postcard. I'll admit that I can sometimes relate to it on days when I'm tired, but I think that blogging has definitely helped me stay in touch with things and to keep writing (and I guess my typing speed also).

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Now for the 3x Thursday:

1. What's your opinion of nuclear war?
I think it's ridiculous, of course. The only thing worse than sending humans to go and fight in a war is killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians so that soldiers don't have to physically fight other soldiers.

2. Do you believe a country has the right to possess nuclear weapons? Why/why not?
No, but I think they should now only as a deterrent because they're here now and you can't uninvent such an evil.

3. What do you think of this whole North Korea testing a nuke thing? Does it make you nervous? Do you care? Why/why not?
Not really, because they've done this before. Kim Jong Il just wants to show that he has a bigger penis, that's all. He's not stupid enough to try anything, I think he's fully aware of the backlash.

Bonus Question: Do you think there will be a WWIII or something similar to it? What do you think will be the outcome?
I don't doubt the possibility, but I don't think it's all that soon. We don't have a clear threat right now like the Nazis or the Communists or anything, so it's hard to start a World War out of anything right now. Who would we be fighting? The terrorists?

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