Tuesday, October 03, 2006

RIP Online Gambling

I wonder how many people will mistake that title for spam or how much spam I'll get as a result of it. Anyway, it's true: online gambling died in America on Monday thanks to some sneaky Congressmen. I think it's really shady to have to sneak it in a security bill like that, but I guess politics are just messy by nature. I guess technically, Bush can still veto it, but political analysts don't see that happening. I debated about this issue for a few minutes today with my room mate, and I actually ended up agreeing with him that it's stupid legislation. It is giving money to businesses outside the US and is almost a money drain since it's not like you're investing the money in something and promoting out economy, but the fact remains that the power of how to spend one's money should still remain in the hands of people. Who is the government to tell us what we can and can't do? What's so bad about gambling online? It's no more of a vice than smoking on drinking and yet those are totally legit for people of certain ages. I think it would've been smarted to allow such businesses to flourish domestically instead and then just impose a sin tax on it or something. Who does it help to totally abolish it? Some casinos in Nevada? I wish our politicians would try doing stuff that actually helps the little people.

Unsurprisingly, Steve Jobs will be delivering the keynote speech at next year's Macworld Expo in the middle of January. You may recall that he did so this past January with new MacBook Pro and Intel-based iMac series. Maybe we'll see an Apple UMPC this time? I wouldn't hold my breath, but it's still possible. I'm betting more on a real next-gen iPod. Of course, things weren't always so rosy out in Cupertino and OS News has some of Apple's worst business decisions ever, which I'll let you skim for yourselves. In this day and age of ridiculous amounts of megapixels in cameras, research is being done for less pixels to get more pictures with less power, though I'm hazy on how the extrapolation can be that efficient. However, we do waste a lot of pixels in today's models so I suppose that it's good that researchers are looking to try something different. Lastly, if you're a fan of torrents of television shows you can't watch live, you should check out this Democracy player hack that almost acts as a season pass for your favorite shows.

Christopher Nolan has revealed that Two Face will, indeed, be in The Dark Knight and that he'll of course be continuing the sorts of themes he had in the first movie, but still hopes to keep things fresh and original. The script isn't done yet, but I'm sure we're all chomping at the bit for its completion and subsequent leak. AICN's Massawyrm saw The Departed and is joining the chorus of people singing the praises of Scorcese's latest creation. Now my interest in this movie is just off the scale. AICN also snagged a review of Jesus Camp and it sounds like a real interest look at bible camps and brainwashing little kids. I may be Christian, but I hate the idea of forcing Christianity on others rather than letting them discover it for themselves, and I'm glad someone is exposing this seedy underbelly. Yahoo Movies has the final trailer for Saw 3, and I was really disappointed in it. It was little more than a glorified teaser and I think it still should've given us a better premise than it pretty much being the same as the first two movies. Lastly, we have the one sheet for Ghost Rider, and I like it though it speaks more as a movie poster than a comic book movie poster, which bothers me slightly.

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Now for the Tuesday Twosome:

If you had to, which would you choose?

1. Humid or Dry

Dry. Having lived in both for extended periods of time, the humidity just makes you feel dirtier and makes you sweat more.

2. Earthquake or Hurricane
Hurricane, because I don't like the idea of the ground opening.

3. Flood or Fire
Flood, because it's slightly less damaging and easier to prevent against.

4. Wet or Dry
Wet, I don't know why.

5. Lake or Beach
Beach, because it's a little cleaner and the sand is fun to play in.


Eric Bergen said...

There is hope! It appears that outlawing online gambling violates the US agreements with the WTO. We better get a Democrat in office soon.

You can sign the petition on my site

KT said...

personally I like the online gambling thing...mainly because it got my brother into a lot of trouble. he told my parents numerous times he quit, but he keeps playing bcus hes been winning. its an addiction. and an 18 year old boy does not need to be addicted to gambling.

Ed Kohler said...

As I understand it, they DIDN'T ban online horse racing gambling. Of course, this doesn't really ban online gambling. Just legal online gambling, which will lead to a whole new set of issues, such as money laundering.

I thought you may find this interview with one of the founders of Democracy Player interesting.