Sunday, October 22, 2006

Firefox Steals IE 7's Thunder

There's very little good news out there today, which is great because I'd like to get a solid 7 hours of shut eye in tonight since I was too busy enjoying the weekend to sleep enough. Club party on Friday could've gone better, but still a great night going out with ACMers, and the LAN Party on Saturday was great also topping it off with a nice lunch today with my cousin and a real fun TLD practice (when are they not fun?). As you can tell, Elton is back to normal again (especially with more parties this weekend). Anyway, IE 7 may be out, but it's only making businesses more supportive of Firefox. Why? Because IE 7 is not guaranteed to be stable on XP, so they're going to hold out for Vista. Instead, they're allowing employees to install Firefox, which could lead to people sticking to it even when IE 7 is allowed. It's kind of surprising that the IE team didn't see this coming. If they did, are they really confident enough that they're not concerned with more Firefox downloads by high-profile customers? This isn't to say that Firefox will rule the corporate world by any means, but if it's getting through to companies that never supported it before, could this be the start of a wider movement against IE? Or will it die off with the release of Vista? Only time will tell (and probably smartass pundits who think they know it all).

Like I said, not much news going on. Roughly Drafted put up an interesting look at why Apple failed before Steve Jobs took the reigns again, and I think it's definitely important for us to recall these failings, especially those of us moving on to work for high-profile technology companies. Apple was not the only company to make many of these mistakes, but hopefully no one else will repeat them. If you're looking for some popular torrents, Torrop is a gradually growing site that aims to be the Digg for torrents. Lastly, a new simpler dating site is out there that I'm mentioned because I think the idea is kind of interesting: it's called yesnomayB. Basically, you vote on who you would, wouldn't, or might date and then sets you up with the people who choose you also. So much easier to understand than eHarmony or any of these other crazy sites, and it just sounds like something so obvious that it would work well.

The weekend box office was ruled by The Prestige with $14.8 million, but I was really hoping it would make more. What was really impressive was that The Departed managed to cling to the #2 spot with just about a million bucks less. Clint Eastwood's Flags of our Fathers only managed to rake in $10.2 million, and Marie Antoinette tanked with just over $5 million. I wonder how Saw 3 will fare this Halloween weekend?

Before I wrap up here, I found a postcard that represents someone I know, who will remain nameless, so well that I just couldn't resist posting it here:

Click to enlarge

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Stuff :: Magazine

  2. Block :: Jenny from the

  3. Ingredient :: Cooking

  4. Flagrant :: Foul

  5. Dandruff :: Hair

  6. Betty :: Boop

  7. Tide :: Cheer

  8. Judges :: Jury

  9. Take it easy :: Dude

  10. Chef :: Boyardee

The post wouldn't be complete if I did remark how great it is that Texas actually moved up two spots in the BCS rankings. Woot woot!

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