Friday, October 20, 2006


So I've been rejected twice in the past 24 hours (NI and Extreme Blue) so I'm looking forward to having some fun tonight at Club Element. I haven't been in a club in so long! That's why this post is coming at you so early. Click to enlargeI stumbled upon this screencast for a piece of software called Songbird that markets itself as a media player for the Internet. It can pick out and show you any media available on the page and allow you to drag and drop it right into your library. The idea is that so-called "mp3 blogs" will have tracks for you to legally check out, such as local or indie artists, and you can even use search engines to find more music from artists you end up liking. It's all pretty legit since the idea is not like Napster at all but rather is meant to be a more intuitive way to stream media on the web. The files play almost as if they were on your computer so you don't worry about the details of streams or buffering or anything of that stuff, and it's meant to support most of the popular formats so you don't have to have lots of media players floating around. It's in developer preview mode right now (almost a pre-beta to get people excited about it and I suppose encourage more mp3 blogs), and I'd recommend checking it out simply because it's one of the freshest ideas I've seen in a while. This could potentially be big, and the fact that it's open source and can import your iTunes library is even better. If this is what version 0.2 is like, I can't wait to see what they come up with in version 1.0.

Did you know that Steve Jobs can't program? That's what Steve Wozniak claims, and I suppose it could just be a joke but he may be right for all we know. Anyway, just thought that was funny, but we do have word that Apple is looking to integrate Boot Camp into Leopard given that it has garnered over a million downloads. Defnitely a good move and something that they can use to help market Macs. Mac 360 believes that Apple pre-announced iTV (which is a move I don't think they've ever employed before) to compete with Slingbox. It's not a bad thought, but I think that it's so different from Slingbox as a product since it doesn't stream your living room to your computer so much as it streams your computer to your living. But hey, what do I know, maybe they weren't as concerned with Amazon Unbox as I initially thought. It's already clear that Jobs doesn't care too much for the Zune, but I thought I'd plug at least one set of positive hands-on impressions so as to not be too biased. Lastly, LifeHacker put up a list of great open source Windows applications, which I mention because there are a couple on there I haven't seen before but that are actually really neat.

We've received some casting news from Die Hard 4 (I'm not calling it by their idiotic title) for the villain and McClane's daughter, who was actually the bad guy in Sky High herself (saw it with my little cousin, ok). Speaking of kids' movies though, we'll actually be seeing a feature film for Fraggle Rock, for which the script is currently being worked on! I think a lot of college kids will actually go out to see that one. It looks like the Halo movie may be no more as Fox and Universal pulled out from paying licensing fees to Microsoft at the last minute, though Peter Jackson appears to still be on board. Will it get canned or will they just seek another studio? And what caused this to happen so suddenly? Very curious. Apple has the HD trailer for Dreamgirls, and I think it looks pretty good though I'm a bit tired of these music artist-based biopics. Not sure if I really care about anyone on that cast other than Jamie Foxx, but it really wasn't a bad trailer so we'll see what comes of it. Lastly, IGN has a hilarious press conference for Borat, and it's 20 minutes long but actually worth watching.

I'm going with the Friday Fiver this week:

1. Have problems sleeping?
Not often. I usually only do when I've gone too many nights with 8+ hours of sleep, which you can imagine hasn't happened in a while, or if I have to go to bed super early.

2. Last dare accepted?
No clue. I don't get dared much, so I couldn't tell you.

3. Last dare given?
I dared someone yesterday to pull one of the shower levers in Welch meant to wash off chemicals from your person, but he declined. Wuss.

4. Are you free with your feelings?
Somewhat. I'm pretty open with the people I trust, but I dont' trust everyone.

5. Tell us a lie:
I didn't get rejected multiple times this week in multiple ways.

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JennYfer said...

We should have a stakeout on the bitches who rejected you.