Wednesday, December 06, 2006

TiVo + iTV = Mac Media Capsule?

I have to start off this post by expressing my sincere condolences for the loss of CNet editor James Kim. It's been quite a dramatic story to follow over the past few days, and I was shocked to learn that they didn't get to him in time, but I'm sure he'll be remembered as a hero for having died trying to save his family. Moving along to less depressing news, PVRBlog is entertaining the rather provocative rumor that Apple may be partnering with TiVo to produce the iTV with PVR capabilities and rename it the Mac Media Capsule. Personally, I think this is a complete lie since I'm sure Apple would be more interested in selling content on iTunes than having people record it from live television for free, but maybe they figure that this could drive up sales of the "Mac Media Capsule?" Or maybe they'd be getting a special cut from cable companies for the service charge that using TiVo entails? I think it would be much more beneficial for TiVo than Apple since I can't imagine current TiVo subscribers running out so quickly to get an iTV but I can imagine Apple loyalists or people who don't own a PVR to get an iTV. Anyway, it'd be an interesting partnership, to say the least, so let's just see how it develops.

I still have more Apple rumors for you. Analysts claim that the first iPhone will be an iPod first and foremost with phone capabilities as well. They also claim that there will be a second phone that's more of a smart phone and would be GSM/GPRS and WCDMA, which I think would be pretty neat, and would be slim. Oh, remember a few days ago when I mentioned that Universal is trying to collect money from each iPod sold to make up for piracy? One blogger decided to poke fun at what such a negotiation would be like, and I actually wouldn't be surprised if Steve Jobs were to say those things. Speaking of music, EMI is starting to sell some of its music in a DRM-free mp3 format so that it's guaranteed to work on all players, and major labels are starting to turn their heads. I mentioned this a while back ago also, but it came up again and I think it's noteworthy because I think that one day we won't have to worry about DRM as consumers get more and more frustrated with it. Lastly, if you're also stupefied by how you see programming portrayed on the big screen, you'll get a real kick out of this article. It picks apart the biggest big screen myths, and I think it's kind of funny.

Very little movie news today. As some of you may know, David Fincher's (of Se7en fame) next movie is Zodiac about the notorious Zodiac killer, and JoBlo acquired a lot of pictures from the movie. I'm really looking forward to this one, mostly because I think Fincher is awesome and it has Al Pacino. Even cooler though, I think, is this new poster from Ghost Rider (yes, it is lenticular):

Click to enlarge

Now for a Wednesday Mind Hump:

1. How old is your microwave oven?
We just got it before I came to UT, so I'd say 2 and a 1/2 years old.

2. How many times in a day do you use your microwave oven, and what do you usually use it for?
At least twice, and it's usually to heat up my meals (mostly refrigerated food from my mom; yeah, she's cool like that).

3. What's your favorite microwavable treat?
Probably hot cocoa (I use the Nestle mini marshmellow cocoa mix).

4. Ever had a microwave disaster? Tell us about it!
Not that I can recall, nope. I've had a toaster oven disaster, but not microwave.


Russ/rfduck said...

Thanks for mind humping! That ghost rider poster looks killer.

[Mat] said...

Ghost rider! can't wait for that one. I looks very sweet. on the davinci code, there's a trailer.



swweett. :)

have a good one, E