Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Four Day Weekend

I just had a Microsoft phone interview and I thought I did pretty well so I felt that I deserved a break from studying. Yes, I know, I said I wouldn't apply there, but I didn't! They e-mailed me, so I figured it couldn't hurt to take an interview. Anyway, I miss my fun weekend so here are some pictures from it:

I don't actually remember why we weren't looking at my camera, but it could've been that Jennyfer was taking the picture. Anyway, that was from our NSC exec dinner on Friday.

There's everyone who came except me (guess who's behind the camera).

After helping Tina prepare for the ACM Holiday After-Party I went to the official party where we did a white elephant gift exchange. My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxed set was a real hit (stolen 3 times), and I ended up with Old School. My friend Juan got a boxing rabbi and a boxing nun, and here's the rabbi in action against Jack.

The after party was great fun, and I think I did pretty good as DJ. There were definitely a couple of haters, but I think people dug my mix of music, and we did some salsa lessons too! Towards the end, these guys wanted to do that thing, but I don't know what they were trying to do.

After the party, Hunter and Matt wanted to dance with the host.

Since Saturday was graduation day the Tower was lit up Orange with 06 on it, but my full tower shots weren't all that great. That was taken on my way out of the TLD winter show, which was awesome, but I didn't really take any noteworthy shots that wouldn't be stalkerish to post here.

I stopped off at the ACM LAN Party for a bit where the Wii was in full blast. Red Steel was very hard to play, but Wii Sports was tons of fun. I went to Bethany's afterwards to play Pop 5 and watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Pop 5 was a lot of fun, but it definitely needs more than 4 players, because our game lasted forever. Still, the pop culture nature of the cards made the game really fun, and I loved the whole element of the other team ranking the activities you can do. My only gripe as such was that the notepads that it came with have like 10 sheets on them. What's up with that, Cranium?! Oh, and a disproportionate number of the songs we ran into were from the late 70s and early 80s, which were great eras, but I should've seen more from the 90s.

TLD Semi-Formal was on Sunday night and it was awesome! That's Joy (Francisco's friend), Anika, Francisco, and myself. Francisco totally copied me on the shirt.

The 3 TLD CS majors: Adam, myself, and Juan. Too bad Juan had to leave early, it's always edumucating to watch him dance.

The party definitely got real hot! Naturally, I didn't get pictures of myself in such compromising poses ;)

NSC Banquet was on Monday night! I sat next to Katie, and Bethany decided to squeeze in the picture, but I love how it came out.

I liked the way this one came out also! Stephanie, myself, Bethany, and Henro!

I wish the person taking this picture stood closer so we could've gotten some light, but since I have no other pictures with Bethany and Jennyfer I have to just live with it!

And that was my exciting weekend. Of course, now I have an exciting Physics test to go back to preparing for, so consider yourself lucky if you see another post from me before Friday night.


[Mat] said...

Tons O'pictures!

I'm with hunter and Matt, I want to dance with the host too! Assuming she's the girl, of course! Stunning!

"Naturally, I didn't get pictures of myself in such compromising poses ;)
Oh Hum...
Please replace "Get" with "posted". Thank you.

Hey, you're with cuties all over the place!


Good luck on that physics test. Enjoy school while it lasts. Working is too serious. :)

cheers, E.

JennYfer said...

Hey Hotsauce!

Don't hate. I started Xanga-ing instead. I like it better...more of my friends are there.

Anyhoo...we're such snazzy people. LOL, we'll have to make sure next semester is just as fun!