Monday, December 04, 2006

Yahoo TV Gets a Makeunder

Sorry about missing the Sunday post, but it was a hard test, and I've been kind of vegging out for quite a bit of tonight because I'm tired of studying for it. I'll probably hit Automata after this post though until I go to bed. I didn't really miss a whole lot of good news over the weekend though, fortunately. Yahoo decided to completely redesign its Yahoo TV site, and so now it's cluttered and clunky. When they made an announcement on their blog about it, it attracted a lot of negative comments, and rightfully so. Whenever a site has to load a video at the homepage, I know that it's a bad site. Not an skippable intro, mind you, but an embedded video. I have a pretty fast computer and a decent cable Internet connection and it takes a little while for it to load even for me. It definitely looks like they tried to hard to be a cool site, and they put together all these elements that work well separately but when you throw them together it's just tacky. From first looking at the site, I have no idea what use this site is, especially compared with The good news is that they actually read the negative feedback and maturely fixed some things while promising to look further into others. I guess we'll see if they keep their word soon enough!

Click to enlargeI really do feel bad to keep picking on the Zune, but Microsoft just keeps doing stupid things. On the left you see a special pink Zune that they've hidden in 100 boxes for lucky consumers. So if brown wasn't bad enough, you may get an even worse color! I guess it's ok for a girl, but that pink is way too bright for any guy to like. Speaking of weird product decisions, if you go to Sony's Vaio page there's a little ad at the right sidebar that implies that the Vaio is a hot chick compared the to PC or Mac guys from the Get a Mac ads. First off, way to attribute yourself to a despised ad campaign, and second of all, way to alienate female consumers. Oh, and a Vaio is still a PC. If you're looking to build your own computer, I definitely recommend reading this, but don't spend too long reading about the God box with your credit card anywhere near you. In case you haven't heard, a CNet editor and his family hadbeen missing for a little while now. Just a little while ago though, his wife and kids were found. Apparently, they got stranded after taking some treacherous roads and he went to get help. Keep praying that they find him! Lastly, if you hate stirring, you'll love this.

This is interesting, Happy Feet dominated the box office for the third weekend in a row with just $17 million for over $120 million total. Casino Royale followed close behind though, and all the new releases (Van Wilder, Turistas, The Nativity Story) pretty much tanked, though Turistas didn't cost very much to make (isn't that amazing?!). In case you care, AOL has the trailer for Mimzy about some special kids who have some crazy abilities, but I believe it's only the teaser so hopefully it'll make more sense later. It doesn't look too bad, and will probably aim to be a family flick. And lastly, some Transformers pics have leaked.

Now for some Monday Madness:

1. I wish people would just _____.
think before they act
2. My biggest pet peeve where other drivers are concerned, is _____.
not using turn signals
3. I will probably spend about _____ on holidays this season.
4. I really hope to _____ by the end of this calendar year.
put myself back together again
5. I make about _____ resolutions each year, and keep _____ of them.
three, maybe one

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Russ/rfduck said...

Instead of pink, Microsoft should have made it red and donated part of the profits to AIDS research.