Sunday, November 19, 2006

Best Weekend Ever

Sorry that I can't make a full post tonight guys, but I have a test at 10AM that I still need to prepare for and I'd like to fit in 4 hours of sleep somehow. This weekend was the happiest weekend I've had to-date with the marriage of my brother and his fiance. Definitely a lot of crying, laughing, drinking, and dancing. I'll replace all the grueling details with the few pictures I took. I was too busy to take more, and the photographer was awesome and took plenty anyway, so I'll share those when I
get them.

My brother and his fiance (at the time, at least) at the Roce ceremony (traditional Manglorian ceremony meant as final blessings for the bride and groom while they're bachelor and bachelorette as well as for any other singles in attendance).

Pretty light fixtures at that hall for the Roce.

A bad shot of me in my kurta, but trust me, it was a hot outfit.

That's my cousin's 4-week old son in his little faux tux.

My dad fixing up my brother's tux. The photographer got a ton of shots of the struggle of getting my tie on right, too bad I didn't have any on my camera to share.

Mr. Gonzales has to give away his beautiful daughter.

Yay! They're married! =)

My cousins and I at the reception. I promise that we looked hotter in real life.

The place-setting at dinner. It just looked so nice! The food was awesome, too!

The happy couple at dinner posing with a very close friend of Selina's and part of how they hooked up initially.

And finally, the money shot: my brother getting down and dirty with two guys (friends of Selina's).

These pictures don't tell nearly of all the fun we had, but I hope to have more pictures to share sometime soon! Now, back to studying ;(

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