Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Xbox Steps Up to Digital Distribution

I'm feeling pretty tired right now, so this also won't be a lengthy post. At least it was a fun evening though. Anyway, Microsoft has expanded Xbox Live to allow you to beam television shows and movie rentals right to your console. I'm unclear as to whether this will be subscription based or pay-per-download or what, but I think it's definitely interesting. The biggest problem that I see, however, is that you need to be able to transfer these files on your computer since you're obviously going to get rid of it in a few years. Plus, you would probably trust your computer and a backup HD more with paid content than just your Xbox 360. I'm not saying that this is going to fail or anything like that, I mean it's definitely a good move on their part to try and compete with Apple for the living room here, but they need to make sure that they think it through all the way. If it's too restrictive or complicated, people won't like it. The reason that iTV has a chance from the get-go is because of how easy iTunes is to use and how easy I'm sure Apple will make the iTV to set up, as opposed to a $400 video game console. Again, not to say that Microsoft's program has no chance, but they really have to blow people away to get them excited about this service if they really want to put a dent in Apple's sales.

Yesterday, you'll recall that I was talking about Google entering print ads. Now, they've extended their reign to radio advertising, as well. They won't even start testing this service until the end of the year, and they're still building up a team of people to work out all the logistics, but I presume that they're looking to expand DMarc. I'm not sure what exactly they have up their sleeve here that will be so much better than DMarc is right now, but I trust that they've got enough resources to not blow this. Meanwhile, they're being attacked on the Google Earth front with the launch of Virtual Earth as a more integrated product to compete with Google Earth. It pretty much adds all the features that Google Earth should have without alienating itself from Live Local, the online mapping service. They really need to work on publicity though because 99% of people I know use Google Maps or Yahoo Maps.

Click to enlargeThat's right, baby, it's a Reno 911 movie! The trailer for Reno 911: Miami is now online and it's pretty funny. Not as impressive as the first Borat trailer, but fans of the show will love this trailer because they're already familiar with how crazy these characters are. I guess the stupid cop angle for comedies never gets old. Also big news: tomorrow night will bring with it the release of the full trailer for Spider-man 3! I'm going to run straight to a computer after my Automata test just to catch this one, and I recommend that you keep an eye out for it, too, because it's sure to be fun to watch. Lastly, Scorcese has signed a deal to keep making movies at Paramount, which is nice because he's often overlooked since his movies are more brilliant than they are blockbusters.

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