Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wasting Time at Work

I got a comment on my Saturday post last night that actually said that nerds are hot! I thought that was a nice offset for an unnecessarily rude comment to a very old post I got the other day, and I realized that I was using that bunny picture (from Donnie Darko) in my profile here for no reason. Hence, I changed it to my old Facebook picture and one of the few pictures of me I actually like so hopefully you'll agree it looks better now. It has been more than 6 months after all. Anyway, there wasn't a lot of news going on today (I guess in anticipation of the shuttle launch tomorrow), but I did like an article I read about how much time people waste while at work. The average worker whittles away 2.09 hours a day on the company's tab, and I can see that since I do it while I try to do homework. To continuously work without any break but lunch is kind of harsh with the length of workdays now, and so it seems pretty logical. I've found that rest time during studying helps me focus better, and I'm sure the same would go in a work environment. So keep surfing the net America!

Like I said above, only a few things to speak of in the geek world. Netflix may be the first to offer movies for download legally. Some guy accidentally stumbled upon some stuff he wasn't supposed to on the site suggesting this, and there's more reason to believe that they're moving in this direction in that article's comments so I hope that they do go forward with that. Meanwhile, domestic and foreign law enforcement officials executed an operation to take down 8 warez sites and succeeded in halting the piracy of some big games. They're probably starting to shake up the community now. The PS3 will no longer be able to be used as a home network router as previously presumed, but the bank of Ethernet ports could be used to make it a good switch or hub nonetheless. To compete with this, Nintendo is developing a wireless routing device that will plug into your USB 2.0 port and allow you to share your connection with your Revolution and DS! Finally, they're doing something right.

The movie news today though is slightly better, but also kinda slow. We now have an official teaser for Ice Age 2, and it's in the same vein as the first movie's trailer but with water instead of cracks in ice. Robert Rodriguez is eyeing Salma Hayek for a movie role once again, but this time it's for Sin City 2! Given how hot she is, this could be a really awesome thing. Everyone seems to have The Island fever with an extended trailer, behind-the-scenes pics, and a chase scene clip all at the URL. And as if that wasn't enough, IGN even gave it a thumbs up. Maybe everyone just can't get enough of Scarlet Johansson:

Love this shot of her

Of course IGN also liked Wedding Crashers despite some other less happy reviews, but I guess we'll have to just judge for ourselves on that one. Avi Arad is pretty pissed off with Internet geeks trashing the X3 script and director, and I can't blame him since a lot of it is speculation and leaks. Ratner frankly doesn't have a good enough track record to handle a movie like this, but we'll see what happens. Lastly, Capone at AICN also got a chance to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and seemed to like it a lot. It's a great sign when a movie looks good this early.

Now for the acclaimed Ten on Tuesday meme:

10 People Who Inspire You
10. My brother - He's shown me how much hard work can get you in life.
9. Stephen King - This may sound like such an odd choice, but his writing style shows me how you're supposed to feel when you read a good book and never ceases to amaze me.
8. Quentin Tarantino - He put all his eggs in one basket and won big with his directorial career showing that geeky dreams can come true.
7.Chris Martin - To create the kind of music he makes and also promote free trade like he does almost makes him Superman.
6. David Johnson - This was my old Debate coach in high school and taught me more than I even realized at the time.
5. Larry Paige - He had a great idea and just ran with it to help found Google.
4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - I know he had some problems, but he just handled the Great Depression so well and was a very noble man.
3. Jesus Christ - Can you imagine finding out that you're the Son of God and will one day be crucified and yet manage to change the world?
2. My mother - She is the main person responsible for bring herself and her siblings and her mother to America, and she had to suffer for it.
1. My father - He gets up at 2:00 AM in the morning to go to work for like 10 hours to put food on the table and put me through college.

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