Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Still More AppleBM

First there was Bennifer, then there was Tomkat, and now it's AppleBM! Ok, so I'm really bad at making up names for controversial relationships, but I do have more on Apple and IBM today so I thought I'd make them the main attraction. Apple has started to ship Intel machines with Mac OS X loaded on them to developers and they're getting a good response so far. Recipients are pleased with the speed so far, even when a translator program (Rosetta) runs on PowerPC code so that it can run on the Intel machine. Looks like we won't get our greedy hands on these computers until the middle of next year, but we could be surprised with an early release. Meanwhile, IBM seems to be doing just fine with a dual core PowerPC 970MP chip, which they actually seem to want to use for electronic devices other than PCs. Apple is still going to use the 970 FX low-power usage chip in its G5s. IBM may be looking at it as Apple's loss since their chips are considered superior to Intel, but we'll see who has the last laugh.

If you're really an Apple freak you should try out the floating PowerBook. Apple isn't quite the center of the nerd news universe today though. It is the 10th birthday of the MP3 name, and it has really grown up! A blogger from the Mozilla Foundation has asserted that Linux is not ready for the mainstream desktop (unlike Firefox) because of 5 very valid problems including the lack of simplicity and the difficulty with migrating from a Windows system. I wonder how long it will be until the world is truly ready for an open source OS. Meanwhile, the end of an era is upon us: we have grown weary of floppies. In fact, I don't know anyone in their right mind who still uses the bloody things. The only point of them is for a startup disk on Windows 98 machines. Anyway, PBS is pioneering a revolution in television with the release of a one hour show called NerdTV that will be entirely view via the Internet featuring the smartest people in the tech world. Of course they don't need ad revenues, but hopefully it'll be successful and set a good example (they have some airtight guests so far). Lastly, you may soon be able to legally check out live musical performances online, and presumably free via the various distributors, in reaction to the success of Live 8 (which is still online). Sounds like it could be a pretty sweet deal.

I think I have to help my mom peel some shrimp, so I'm going to go through the movie news rather quickly. If you haven't heard of Hustle and Flow yet then I feel sorry for you and you can make up for it by checking out IGN's interview with John Singleton. Sean Bean also spilled his beans regarding the plot of Silent Hill, which sounds very true to the videogame franchise and, hence, very cool. The next movie you can see him in though is The Island. IGN also had an interview with Johnny Depp about his lead role in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and he sounds like he had a lot of fun with the part. Uma Thurman is signed up to be in another comedy, but this time it's alongside Luke Wilson in Super Ex where she plays the love interest and superhero. Thankfully, she has a few dramas she'll be in until then, and also The Producers. Lastly, Domino has sadly been moved again to October in respect of Domino Harvey's death and to give visionary Tony Scott a little more time to play around with it. I'm willing to wait as long as it's good.

Couple of quick random things. If you've seen Pulp Fiction, I think you'll appreciation this 30 second reenactment of the film by bunnies. There are some other ones there as well, but that one is the best. The other thing I wanted to mention is that IGN has been running a poll-like tournament to determine the biggest badass in video games and the winner is Solid Snake! I was hoping that he'd win. Just look at him:

He is so cool

Now for the Wednesday Mind Hump:

Say What? is a "complete this sentence" challenge. The challenge? Below is a list of common cliches and/or some lesser known sayings. Your mission should you decide to accept it is complete the sentence with your own crazy ending.

01. A penny earned is ...
one step closer to ordering that late night pizza.
02. When in doubt ... always walk with traffic.
03. Do unto others ... what you think is most appropriate.
04. Give them an inch ... because we don't use that Euro trash metric system!
05. He who hesitates ... is probably more careful than me.
06. The road to hell is paved ... with Uwe Boll films.

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Mike said...

Damn right Linux is not ready for the (mainstream) desktop. Even distributions like Ubuntu, which are incredibly desktop-oriented and (relatively speaking) user friendly are not quite ready. In all honesty though, a lot of that is not Linux's fault.

Most of the standing problems come from restrictive software patents (which luckily for Europeans is no longer an issue) and hardware vendors not making drivers for Linux (though this is already loads better than it used to be).

While I would like it if Linux was one day a viable alternative for the layman, if it doesn't happen, I don't think it's really that detrimental. As far as personal use has gone, Linux has always been a niche market, so if it stays that way, it doesn't really hurt it too much.