Friday, July 29, 2005

Limits of Web Browsing

Sorry about the tardiness of this "Thursday" post, but I was at my Uncle's place babysitting once again and his nephew at to do some work on here so I decided to wait until morning for a post. I think some of us forget where the web has taken us. It's crazy to think back to its humble beginnings and then look at it again today. It has soared to such great heights and the ease of using stuff like Flash and PHP has created some gorgeous pages compared to the crud we saw 10 years ago. My first site sucked, too, I'll admit that. I didn't even design this layout (as most bloggers don't their own blogs) and it looks good. There's so much more content out there. Could there really be boundaries? According to the guys behind Google Maps, yes. They spoke at an Australian web development conference to support the use of cutting edge web technologies. Did you know Google Maps used to be a C++ application that was to be downloaded? Yet, they managed to use XML and VML to put it online for everyone. With Google Earth you have the stuff they couldn't do on the web because browsers don't offer access to computer information, but I find it fascinating when people push the envelope like this in such a constrained development environment like the web.

You didn't miss a whole lot of nerd news yesterday, but I'll go over the higher points. Some crafty Japanese scientists have unveiled their female android, and it looks really good. I find it weird that one of the guys mentioned that giving it human-like qualities was important for its sense of presence, which sounds like a lead-in to AI. If you're more interested in getting light in your house without the UV though you should check out this article. According to their research, it could save a lot of electricity (particularly in the North) in the daytime, especially in offices. Microsoft has earned a minor victory in its suit against Google with a judge granting a temporary restraining order on the employee from working on any duties similar to those he was involved in at M$, which sounds like it would mean he can't do anything but I understand that they have to get everything settled out first. They should be more worried though about the dude who cracked Genuine Advantage in 24 hours with one line of code. Vide software dealers seem to be in agreement that it's not to anyone's best interest for HD-DVD and Blu-ray to compete and have outlined the important traits for a new format. I'm still sold on Blu-ray because of backwards compatibility with DVDs and that PS3s play them. Lastly, a very stupid elderly woman is suing Take Two because she was dumb enough to buy San Andreas for her 14 year-old grandson when it was rated M and didn't know about Hot Coffee. If she wins I'll truly lose all faith in the law system because she's the one in the wrong! It was rated M!

The movie news today is slightly better I think. I want to start you all off with the brand spanking new trailer for Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage, Jared Leto, and Ethan Hawke. I have high hopes for it being a worthwhile action movie because I love Cage. AICN has a review of Dukes of Hazzard hailing it to be a great summer movie full of funny moments and fast-paces car chases, and I hope that it delivers. Apparently though, it's been modernized so don't expect it to be just like the classic series. Quint over there reviewed Sky High and since he liked it I'm sure that it's another one of those kids movies that a whole family can go to without pretending for the little one's sake to enjoy. Given the recent flops from Universal (Cinderella Man) and DreamWorks (The Island), they've been in talks to merge and that may be a good idea for them. Because Rachel McAdams is hot and Cillian Murphy is a talented actor I just have to plug these new shots from Wes Craven's Red Eye in hopes that the movie will pique your interest. Lastly, feast your eyes on the new poster for a movie that's becoming a cult hit before its release, Serenity:

Serenity now! Serenity now!

Now for a late Thursday Threesome:

Onesome - If You - If you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Buy a lifetime supply of booze and ice cream. Or, I'd pay for all my college, then get my masters, then get my doctorate, and then cruise off to Cali to find a job in my new Ferrari. Oh, and I'd probably take girls out on dates to fancy restaurants and such.

Twosome - Have To - What is it that you have to do today? Or is there something you're dreading to do this week?
Do a bunch of reading for school because I have 3 tests on Monday (two of which are open book) and of course play some guitar. I'm dreading this week all the cleaning I have to do Saturday afternoon for my dad's birthday bash.

Threesome - Go Away - Where's that place you've been imagining to take a dream trip to lately?
I miss New York City, but I've been craving to go to London or L.A. for a long time now. I know a lot of you may not like L.A., but I'd really like to see for myself. I could always travel to other places on the coast and hit up the beaches.

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LizzieDaisy said...

REALLY... don't bother with LA. London is fabulous. My trip to NY... I woke up to look out the window and see six guys breaking into a store. There was a cop a block away. I was not impressed. My suggestions... Scotland (WOW) and the British Isles in general, Italy... Florence, Venice, Vatican... I hated Rome but others like it, and I my DYING to go to New Zealand which from what I hear may be some of the most amazing scenery in the world... within a small place. Mountains, rainforest, etc. Everyone I know who has been there talks nonstop. It's number one on my list. :)

I'll shut up now. I need to get to bed anyway.

Good luck on your cleaning. And throw a little of that mil my way k? :)