Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Apple Being Weird

Have you ever watched the Jerry Springer show with the volume off? I was glancing at it at the gym this morning in between sets of an exercise I was doing and one second I saw a pretty good-looking lady talking, the next time I look she has a breast exposed, and the last time I look she's fighting a guy and an older woman. I just thought it was a funny progression of events. Anyway, something must be jacked about the water over at the Apple camp because despite the move to Intel chips they will not offer OS X to PC machines. Why? Past experience taught Jobs that it would hurt them financially, but the problem is that he now has to compete with Windows and Linux rather than just M$, and so he should've re-examined his strategy. The chipset won't even be x86, it'll be Mac specific. The problem with this is that it doesn't really put them as ahead of Linux as they would've originally been had they ported the OS to Wintel systems, and so I don't see how the expect to gain market share. It looks like just another upgrade for Apple loyalists. At least they've officially announced the Mac Mini and iBook (which will feature Bluetooth) upgrades.

To continue the tradition of Microsoft news today I have for you a great article that covers some of the basics of Windows Vista for those of you who have had trouble keeping up with the plethora of articles building it up. The article isn't much, but it's better than trying to keep up with their weak attempts to compete with Google's mapping services. Oh, and Virtual Earth was, in fact, just using old maps and not purposely excluding the Apple base. The Google freaks out there can bask in additions to their personalized home page. I haven't forgotten about today's most important news though: the launch of Discovery. I listened to the launch on the radio this morning on the way to school while I'm sure many of you were either asleep or at work yourselves and it really was a glorious feeling because of Columbia.

Click to enlarge Lex

Today's movie news is dominated by multimedia in general, starting with a first look at Lex Luthor from Superman Returns. Kevin Spacey looks good in the role, but Michael Rosenbaum seems to have the perfect Lex image (though Spacey is the better actor of course). If you're more interested in magic than superpowers though, there are some hunky pictures of Daniel Radcliffe over here. Oh, Rachel Rachel Rachel!I wonder if teenie bopper girls actually find him that attractive. IGN got its hands on the teaser trailer for Doom and I can't help but get the feeling that they're throwing money down the drain here. There's a better trailer out there for Zathura though. I'm still not all that interested in it, but I have to admit that it's a pretty trailer. Because I loved Guy Pearce in Memento I just have to mention his leading role in Death Defying Acts, which is a quasi-biographical movie on Harry Houdini and sounds like it could be interesting alongside major hottie Rachel Weisz. Classic TV series Voltron is now slated to become a major motion picture from New Line Cinema, thought I don't suspect that they'll add a whole lot of substance to it. Lastly, Michael Bay seems to be taking the flop of The Island pretty badly and is at a loss to explain its failure. It may not be an awesome movie according to reviewers but I'm sure it's great popcorn entertainment.

Just a couple of short things left. The video game industry is filing suit against an Illinois law charging a $1,000 fine to retailers selling rated M games to minors, and I can't see any reasoning to oppose the law. I really can't see the ESRB doing a lot currently to prevent the sale of those games to the underage. The other thing is this hilarious article about nerd gangsta rap, which sounds like it should be right up my alley.

Now for some Tuesday Twosome action:

1. Name two things you enjoy about the beach:
The hot girls and building sand castles.

2. Name two things you dislike about the beach:
The salt in the water makes it hard to do a whole lot in the water other than mess with the waves, and it's way too easy to get sunburnt without enough protection (even for a brown man).

3. Name two things you "must have" at the beach:
Drinks (water and/or alcoholic beverages) and towels (the beach is no fun without getting in the water after all).

4. Name two of the best beaches you have been to:
Pensacola and Quintana at Freeport (I haven't been to many beaches, yet).

5. Are you going to or have you visited a beach this summer? What other plans do you have for the rest of your summer?
We went to Quintana in early June (you can see the post in my archives for June about it where I have a picture of my feet). For the rest of the summer I need to finish my summer school, probably do a website for this company, and hopefully get a lot of C++ programming done even if it's the death of me.

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ceo said...

HaHaHa! "hunky"[?] Daniel Radcliffe, thats great. Yeah, those pics are in the current Entertainment Weekly, along with an article about the "Half-Blood Prince". I am excited about the new Harry Potter movie, hopefully they will not murder the book as they did in the third one.