Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Windows on a Mac?

After too long of a break from working on it, I got through penning most of the requirements for my Latin program, and I think I can do a good bit of the least demanding module tomorrow. I feel like a lot of decision overwhelmed me today so I'd like to pace myself. That coupled with some sad news for me made this a crummy day end badly, but I just need to stay focused on work now and worry about everything else later. I shouldn't have gotten ahead of myself. Anyway, the article I want to discuss today is the prediction by some that Mac machines will soon support Windows. Some speculate that the fast user switching cube you see in Mac OS X would support switching between multiple operating systems. While I find it unlikely that Microsoft would allow it, they could always try a VirtualPC running at native speeds. The importance of all this is that they eliminate a huge disadvantage many Windows users hide behind regarding Macs: the fact that you can't run most Windows exclusive applications (and video games). Apple never said that they'd sell machines running Windows, but they wouldn't prevent users from doing so unlike their stance on Windows users installing Mac OS X. I think its funny that many Mac enthusiasts pretend to not care, but inside I know that they're really itching to jump out of the boundaries imposed by a PowerPC-based computer.

If you want more Apple speculation then sink your teeth into this: they may start selling podcasts on iTunes next year. This isn't to say that many will be free, but I do have a slight fear that the desire to sell podcasts will spread with this opportunity given. Then again, if many of them do it right now they can't be that dissatisfied with their current model. Jumping to Microsoft, MicrosoftWatch posted their ten biggest surprises from M$ this year and despite the name of the site they're not all positive. It's a good refresher for those of us who don't realize how long 2005 really was. My biggest surprise from them was today though when I found out that the Xbox 360 may actually cost $715 per unit (including shipping) rather than $526, which would explain why they're so loath to ship more of them too quickly. This figure is just based on an "insider" and even if it's true they may not own up to it, but with the kind of hardware it packs it wouldn't be so unreasonable. And if that wasn't enough, insiders are also claiming that Microsoft is planning to throw their hat in the next-generation DVD war for HD-DVD with some powerful stratagems. None of that is confirmed, but I wouldn't be surprised since Sony is a competitor of theirs. Lastly, Gamespot has done something right for once in its list of the top 15 most influential games of all time.

The divorce between Pixar and Disney is common knowledge now, but it looks as though they may be patching things up so Disney can make a sequel to Finding Nemo and even Monsters, Inc with Pixar's blessings and input. Though I doubt they'll be kissing at midnight this New Year's Eve, time can heal. IESB nabbed a pretty good video interview with Mr. Quentin Tarantino, and I think it shows that Tarantino's name wasn't just shamelessly coupled with Hostel. He did, indeed, have a vested interested in the film and though he may have an ego I've never seen him lie. If you're more interested in Ghost Rider though the Superhero Hype forum has a Q&A straight from the horse's mouth about the comic book adaptation revealing some good stuff, like Eva Mendes's phone number. Lastly, UHM has a couple of Wicker Man pictures if you feel so inclined.

Now for the Wednesday Mind Hump:

1. What did you do for your last birthday? If your birthday is coming up soon, what are your plans?
I did a lot of homework on the day itself. To celebrate it though I went to Buzzfest and thoroughly enjoyed Audioslave. I haven't a lot of fun on the day itself in quite a while. I guess I'll have to wait until the big 2-1 for that.

2. What TV show do you absolutely HAVE to watch each week?
I have to watch Family Guy. I can restrain myself from some of my other shows, but that one makes me laugh even when I'm not feeling great.

3. What was your favorite vacation?
I went to New York City in the summer 2002 I believe (it was after my sophomore year of high school anyway) and I had an awesome time there. I really bonded with my cousins and I daresay that without it we may still be implicitly opposed to each other.

4. Are you doing any post-holiday sale shopping this week?
I've spent too much as it is, are you mad?! There aren't many sales over here that I've seen that are worthwhile anyway. It's not nearly as interesting at Black Friday.

Since I'm not typically in a sour mood but I am tonight, I thought I'd showcase an appropriate postcard. I should be able to put myself back together again tomorrow.

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