Monday, December 05, 2005

Realities of Apple Rumors

Click to enlargeI totally stole that picture from today's Daily Texan but who cares because all that matters is that we're going to the Rose Bowl! I learned in the article that we shattered many records, including most points scored in any title game ever. I just found out that a friend of mine actually knows Jamaal Charles, but I was saddened to learn that most players are what we think they'd be in real life. Oh well, they can't be perfect all around. Anyway, I've bounced around some rumors that the iBook will come with an Intel processor next January, but it looks like that move would only hurt Apple. A ZDNet blogger has done his homework and realized that it could only happen if Apple took a financial loss to gain customer loyalty, but that would be a stupid move. The fact of the matter is that the processor takes up too much of the total cost of the machine, and the extensions to the Yonah architecture just aren't ready. It's completely possible that Apple wants to take a huge risk and the rumors are true, but let's hope for their sake that they aren't because they're jumping into an already well-established market so it's harder than most situation they'd find themselves in.

More bad news for Apple: Ars Technica was not pleased with their dive into high-end digital image editing software known as Aperture 1.0, and they test things hardcore so that means that Apple was in way over their heads. It's not all bad news though as the Oxford Dictionary has declared "podcast" to be word of the year, which is a pretty big honor for a term that has just been coined within the past year. Things may not be too rosy for Microsoft very soon either though as one man is suing the company for overheating problems. Solutions have been online for a while know to this problem so it's obvious that all he wants is some money, but I'm sure that Microsoft will start replacing power supplies for free regardless. Lastly, I just found a database of C/C++ code that may be useful to programmers as it has now reach 275 million lines of searchable code.

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I can't believe that I'm going to say this, but I seriously underestimated Brett Ratner. The X3 teaser is now online (in wonderful HD, no less) and you would almost think that Singer was at the helm. USA Today put up a few closeups of some of the characters, and AICN noticed that domain hinting that the title could be "X3: The Last Stand" has been registered by Fox. If you're artistically talented then you may want to submit your idea for the poster for Silent Hill as it could lead to big bucks and many free passes (one of which should go to your faithful blogger). In case you had high hopes for the third installment in The Mummy series, you'll be disheartened to know that the script doesn't look good, but the movie isn't even close to production quite yet. Lastly, Sarah Michelle Gellar will be back for a sequel to The Grudge, but what's more interested is some new pictures featuring her in Southland Tales so fans of pink and blue alike will want to check those out.

Now for some Monday Madness:

1. When is the last time you moved?
A few months ago (August) when I moved into this apartment for the school year.
2. How many times in your life have you moved?
Only twice since I'd lived at my parents' place until I came to UT, but we did move back when I was an infant.
3. In your opinion, what is the worst thing about moving?
The packing of things. It's hard to remember everything and even worse if some stuff has to go to storage while other stuff stays with you.
4. What is the most exciting thing about moving?
The clean look of a new, freshly unpacked apartment.
5. If you've lived in the same place all your life, do you plan to move in the future?
Not applicable, but I don't think my parents will at their house for much longer due to security concerns.
6. Do you WANT to move somewhere else; if so, where?
I definitely would like to move somewhere that actually has hot water all the time. Preferably somewhere in the Hyde Park area, but I could deal with Far West again should I have to stay in this area.

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