Thursday, December 15, 2005

More on the Next Generation

I effectively dominated my Latin final today. There's no doubt that I likely missed a couple of questions, but I definitely was on a roll with the translations. I'm sad that my Latin experience at UT is over, but I'll be working on that program this winter so no worries, yet. I know I've been talking about video games a lot, but they're just a hot topic nowadays. interviewed the creators of the Xbox 360 and PS3, and you can see a real interesting contrast between the two of them. J Allard almost seems like he's more genuine than Kaz Hirai (who's actually the president of SCEA). Hirai seems to spew propaganda and praise Sony too much, whereas Allard gives a good basis behind the Xbox 360's philosophies. In a separate article, Microsoft denied rumors from yesterday that they would later release an HD-DVD-enabled Xbox 360 next year. In essence, they realized that they said too much and are taking a step back, but I can guarantee you that they've talked about it and are still considering it. It makes sense that they'd want to announce it on their own terms though and make sure they're on the winning side of the DVD format war. On the PS3 side, we now have a video with commentary from Hideo Kojima and some other guy about the technical aspects of the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, and it's amazing that not only is it all real-time but also quite detailed. If you're a Nintendo fan and feeling left out then don't worry, because CNN Money somehow snagged some hands-on time with the Revolution and they seemed to love the experience. It looks like the remote isn't just a gimmick.

Moving on to the exciting world of iTunes, NBC Universal must be pretty happy with sales of their TV shows because they're planning on making some announcements of more shows through Apple's service within the next couple of weeks. Following suit, HBO is also planning on selling some of their programming to Apple. This is an excellent idea because I'm sure that many non-subscribers have been downloading some of their really good shows, like Rome and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Google has decided to make a couple of extensions for Firefox, and the one that really appeals to me is one that will let you know what bloggers are saying about certain sites that you visit. If you're curious or bored, you should check it out. Lastly, if you think that more MHz in one processor than another means that it's faster, you should definitely give this article a look. It actually manages to explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.

Cool maskThat man to the left is happy because there's a new trailer for V for Vendetta up and, as is the theme this week, it's totally badass. Beware that it reveals much of the plot, but I think in doing so it really compels you to see the movie because it's just so 1984-ish. King Kong premiered today at under $10 million and some may feel that it's already failed, but I think that since most people have work tomorrow or are in the middle of finals they don't want to give up 3 hours of their Thursday to see a movie because it's not like it has some huge prior fan following. I think the critics will motivate people to see it over the weekend though. In a very new move, Match Point has released podcasts with interviews with the main cast members to stir up excitement for it, and I'd say that it's as good an idea as the recently burgeoning population of production blogs. I'm not all that interested in The Producers, but I do love Uma Thurman so I thought I'd plug IGN's video interview with her. I just have a couple of posters for you, one is for The Hills Have Eyes, and the other is the Italian poster for Hostel. The latter is actually creepier than its previous iterations.

I'm going with the Thursday Threesome meme:

::Candy canes and Peppermint sticks::

Onesome: Candy canes-- Treat of the Christmas season or something you just never got into?

I definitely like candy canes. I used to always get them from teachers in grade school and I still like the ones that have different flavors even today. I don't know why anyone would have an issue with peppermint.

Twosome: and Peppermint-- or cinnamon scented candles and such? Which do you prefer when you walk into a home or business this time of year? ...or maybe even fresh evergreen from a real tree?
I think the fresh evergreen would actually be nicer. A Christmas tree is just so much more symbolic than peppermint scented candles.

Threesome: sticks-- ..or schtick? ..or even maybe kitsch? Yeah, what is your most un-favorite piece of Christmastime memorabilia? That display at the hardware store? The "Simpsons Nativity"? That ornament you made in third grade that still ends up on the tree each year?
This is a tough one. It's hard for me to think of a piece of memorabilia that I have a particular disinclination to. I guess I'd have to say this chirping thing that my dad has put on the tree in the past. It basically makes chirping noises from inside the tree at certain intervals, but it just annoyed the Hell out of me.


Russ said...

I like that blogger comments extension for Firefox. It sure beats doing a search.

[Mat] said...

I want that controller. Wait, that remote. Wait, that controller, haaaaa... that thing :)

[Mat] said...

hey, did you see that?

The 360 is halfway pirated....

There are iso dumps everywhere..