Friday, December 30, 2005

Online Console Gaming

Upon much whining I got my mom to make some fantasy fudge today (I helped, of course) since the only other Christmas sweet we made was rum cake whereas we used to make a ton of stuff, and it tastes orgasmic. I really don't remember it ever tasting so good. I just had to share that, sorry. So the Wall Street Journal wrote up a little something about Microsoft's big investment in online gaming with the Xbox 360 (and formerly on the Xbox) and I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about their business model. Everyone praises their service, and yet the entertainment division of Microsoft is not turning a profit. They pumped $200 million into Xbox Live and charging users $50 a year, so why aren't they rolling in the dough? I think it just may be tricky to attract console users to play online. With the PS2, some great online games are free, but people complain that the quality isn't all that great. Still, with Xbox Live people sometimes say that there are slowdowns. My personal opinion is that the real problem is that there just haven't been enough online games for consoles to get people into them. The Xbox 360 has the right idea by having online features for all their games, but will the PS3 do the same? I think this will be the generation to really usher it in now that this concluding one has experimented. I think that Sony will still keep it free for the PS3, but that does push the burden more on the developers. It definitely throws into question more who will win the war. How important is it to gamers? It's pretty damn important to me.

I posted yesterday that Intel was going to show off a new logo in January, but apparently they've already leaked and they don't look all that different. You can see it a little closer over here, but I don't really see the point in the change. Am I the only one who finds it kind of stupid when security experts reveal holes in big name software? A hole revealed on Tuesday has provoked exploiters to write infectious code and it has been called very serious since even viewing an image in a preview pane could infect you. If you find yourself in spyware predicaments all too often then you must read these tips. I know someone who's always getting herself entangled in viruses and it annoys me because they don't use good sense like the tips in that article.

Knowledge is half the battle, kids!Did anyone know that there was a G.I. Joe movie in the works? I had no clue, but apparently there was recently a script revision so Latino Review put up their review and seemed to like it. It seems to stay true to the tv miniseries, and I hope it's more than just propaganda like the original intent of GI Joe was. There's not a whole lot going on today, but I discovered a trailer from a few days ago for the comedy Thank You For Smoking about a lobbyist for Big Tobacco, and it looks like it has done well at the film festivals. It's also Katie Holmes last movie before her relationship with Mr. Cruise. Lastly, the founders of Google have invested in an indie film called Broken Arrows, which I only mention because it's a slow news day and I'm wondering how far Google will go to diversify their interests.

I thought I'd try the Friday Fun meme this week:

1. What is the best thing that happened to you personally this past year?
It's a toss-up between getting my Volvo and my brother's engagement. Both of them made me quite giddy, and both will produce long-term joy for me.
2. What is the best thing that you saw happen in the world around you?
People reaching out after Hurricane Katrina. Not the government, but just normal folk. There was a lot in the midst of the threat of Hurricane Rita, and it was nice to see that there are still people out there who care.
3. What is the biggest lesson you learned this year?
I learned that grades aren't everything.
4. What things do you hope change for you personally in the next year?
I hope I stop becoming girls' "friend"! It's not that girls are bad friends, but it's becoming quite emasculating and I'm getting too tired. I need to put myself in check and get my act together or else I fear I'll always be just a loser. I don't mind being a nerd or a geek, but being a loser when I can change things bothers me.
5. What things do you hope change in the world around you?
I hope I can help out the College of Natural Sciences at UT more through NSC. I think we have the power to do great things through Council, and we don't use it enough.
6. Do you have any resolutions?
I've already mentioned them on Tuesday, so I'll refrain from repeating them.

I hope that everyone has a very fun, safe New Year's Eve! Please be careful out on those roads, not only because of drunk drivers, but also hyperactive cops. If you think you may have had too many to drink there's no shame in forcefully throwing up in a toilet and chugging water like there's no tomorrow. Urination is your friend. I'm so glad the party will be at our place this year. I'll probably end up talking about it on Sunday.


[Mat] said...

Damn, I had so much to catch up with.

Holidays are crazy this year. Another party tonight and my throat aches like hell.

Nathalie Portman.... even bald, she's sexy as can be.

Superman looks nice.

About your comment, I do ask myself those questions. When I was a bachelor, I asked myself other questions. I'm in perpetual questionning. Right now it's myself I'm questionning. I do wonder if other people feel that.

Anyways, thanks for the comment.


[Mat] said...

Oh!, btw, did you see king kong?