Monday, June 06, 2005

Mobile Computing on the Rise

So true

That comic has nothing to do with today's topic but it's really funny because it's true. Someone should put the Gamecube out of its misery. Anyway, for the first time ever laptops have outsold desktop computers, which is crazy since desktops are always so much cheaper than portable computers. So why the change? For one thing, laptops have strangely been getting cheaper at a quicker rate than desktops have been and also the whole WiFi thing has really made using one so much more convenient. Most of UT is wireless and many business offer wireless hotspots as well. Plus, it's makes more sense to have a wireless router in a large home than a wired one. The trend of increased mobility has even spread to the airline industry where United Airlines has gotten approval for WiFi in the air. The services will roll out in the middle of next year and United will be the first domestic airline to offer the service. Of course it won't be a free thing, but it's contributing to the establishment of a wireless culture around us. It makes me wonder if wireless power could ever be possible.

There's still more news in technology to report on. There was talk recently of Apple dumping IBM and now it's confirmed that they'll be using Intel chips in Macs from now on. It'll be announced soon and it seems like the main reason is because IBM wasn't fulfilling their notebook computing goals in creating chips that generate less heat. Of course IBM can always fall back on its project to create a simulation of the human brain. Lawsuits against nerds are a continuing affair with the end of DVD Decrypter, which could circumvent copy protection on DVDs. The guy was obviously a hobbyist and I hope he doesn't get punished too harshly. The game industry is facing bad juju from voiceover actors who are demanding more money if a game sells exceptionally well, but developers are loath to give in because other key players in the development process may also ask for more money they don't have. I can't decide who's more right, but hopefully they'll reach some middleground. Lastly, the Wall Street Journal has a semi-humorous article detailing the day they lost e-mail due to some power disruptions. It really makes you think about how much we tie to our e-mail accounts.

I'd like to start out my movie news with some bat-stuff. I don't think I could be any more excited about sitting in line a week from tomorrow for a midnight showing of Batman Begins. An interview with Christopher Nolan, who also directed Memento, really shows how good he is at what he does and this review from Moriarty at AICN gives me renewed confidence that this film will make Christian Bale big at last. There's even talk that he's better than Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, who actually seems to be interested in doing another Beetlejuice film although there's no word on that actually happening. There is word though that Eddie Murphy is likely to be in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards though he couldn't say so officially and apparently the mastermind director also wouldn't mind bringing back Beverly Hills Cop. If you'd like to know who'll be winning the MTV Movie Awards this Thursday you can spoil the surprise for yourself by peeking here, though I usually enjoy that show and will just watch it on MTV. Lastly, there are some fresh shots of Land of the Dead available including this spooky gem:

Much improved effects since the last one

I decided to go with the Monday Music Mambo this week:

01. They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky ... no, we're not talking about The Addams Family -- we're talking about the wild, wild men and women in the music industry. Which artist(s) or band(s) come to mind when you hear the words creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, or ooky?
Definitely Marilyn Manson. It's funny because when he speaks in interviews and stuff he sounds very smart and yet his videos are disturbing and he just looks a little creepy in general. I think we all heard the rumors that he removed a rib or two to pleasure himself and I guess that childhood whisper keeps that ooky image of him in my head.

02. Some artists or groups aren't creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and ooky, they're downright scandalous. What artist(s) or band(s) come to mind when you hear the word scandalous?
JLo was the subject of much scandal with Ben Affleck. There's also Guns N' Roses who got famous off of songs they wrote because they were wasted so much and then failed to make a comeback because Axel Rose was stupid.

03. It happens sometimes -- really bad songs with irritating music and lousy lyrics but somehow they still get waaay too much attention. Today we offer you, for the first time ever -- the Monday Music Mambo Magic Eraser. You now have the ability to wipe those songs completely out of the music industry. What song(s) come to mind?
No question about it: "La La" by Ashlee Simpson. That's on my list of top 5 worst songs ever to be created. What does it mean and why does her voice sound like that? Ugh. Just thinking of the song makes me shudder.

04. Recently we saw Phil Spector sporting his new "do". Which other artist(s) come to mind when you think of bad or wild hair?
The lead singer from Twisted Sister always had horrible hair.

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