Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Electric Dream

Today's news is a little lackluster, but the best article is probably about the possibility of an electric car. Gas-powered cars are getting so annoying nowadays with gas prices. When I was small it didn't matter, but now every time I go somewhere I'm estimating how much that trip is costing me. Well it's costing my parents the money, but it's not like they're rich or anything. Apparently, these cars could be really fast with insane torque. So what are we waiting for? More effficient batteries for one thing because that takes up a lot of juice. Even then though, I'm sure that's cheaper than gasoline power. If I get that internship I applied for at ConocoPhillips I'd like to work on hydrogen or electric powered cars rather than gasoline. I'd only be on the software side of things, but every little bit counts I guess. I'm not a hardcore environmentalist or anything, but our dependence on foreign oil in this day and age is shameful.

There's not too much technology news out there today and it's all pretty random. There's an interesting commentary at TechNewsWorld suggesting that Linux supporters have a lot more untapped union power than proprietary firms, but I'm not sure how much I agree because of how spread out they seem to be. In today's era of television the buzz word seems to be on-demand, and Akimbo may have the foundations of a solution to the problem of acquiring old episodes of shows legally. Unfortunately, it's only available for random stuff and is a little pricey but it shows that such a thing could be possible and should be in the near future. You may soon see sites ending in .xxx as the suffix has been approved and could generate some interesting porno site domains. Yahoo has released the demo for a new search service called Yahoo! Mindset that allows for you to search for informational sites rather than commercial ones and is trying to prove an example of computer learning and text classification. It's a neat thing to play around with. Lastly, there's a great article here about how Google can turn up some less than desirable results about ourselves.

Not a terrible amount of movie news either. There are some more stellar reviews of Batman Begins from abroad and they coaxed me into buying an early ticket to the IMAX midnight showing of the flick on the 15th over at Fandango. It turns out that Mission Impossible: 3 may be a no go because of Tom Cruise's recent behavior with Katie Holmes and Scientology. Also there are budget concerns, but all of them seem meager compared to the amount that the film could rake in. There's a lot of buzz today concerning who will helm X3, and it sounds like a major contender will be Zach Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead remake fame). Unfortunately, AICN seems to think it could be overrated director Brett Ratner or equally meh director John Moore. We'll have to wait and see for the truth I suppose. Lastly, there's a new entry in the Superman Returns video blog showing Clark's super strength, but still no footage showcasing this shot:

That's a lot of fire

Now for the Thursday Threesome meme:

Onesome - I - Tell us something about yourself that you haven't posted about before and wouldn't mind stating on the record.
Hmmm. Err, I like girls? Have I mentioned that? I haven't mentioned that Red Dragon is my favorite of the Hannibal Lecter movies (they've been all showing on USA this week).

Twosome - Need - Is there anything you need at the moment? What is it? Or, are you not in need of anything but want something?
Besides a life? I could really use a scholarship! I could also use a new car because my 1990 Maxima just isn't cutting it. The rack and pinion is permanently screwed up.

Threesome - a Laptop - Do you have a laptop? If so, what type is it? Any recommendations for someone looking into getting a laptop?
I don't and unfortunately I don't know a whole lot about them. I do know that you should not bang your fist on them because you may screw up the hard drive. A friend of mine did that once on accident in the heat of a video game.

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